Goalkeeping legend Neville Southall wants voters to give Theresa May the boot and backed Jeremy Corbyn as a safe pair of hands.

The ex-Everton and Wales player, who worked as a bin man before getting his break in football, is proud of his working class roots.

And he has made his feelings clear to his fans about who they should vote for in the upcoming general election.

In a string of passionate message posted on Twitter over the past 24 hours, Southall hit out at the Tory policies and urged his 59,000 followers to sign-up to vote Labour:

Are you going to argue with Big Nev? 

  1. Wish more celebs would speak up in the same vain?come on let’s all get behind Nev Thatcher mark 2 must not be allowed to steal from the poor and sick to give it to her friends with lots of money.if you wan,t more pain and suffering vote Tory

  2. Good to see someone remembering their roots. look at history and you will see the future. No Tory government will help the workers.

  3. Well said Neville.
    I’m a Liverpool fan but when it comes down to players and politics I would rather side with a red blue than a blue red!

  4. I love it! He remembers his roots as I do! Well done Nev for speaking out, keep it up til election day.

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