The Lib Dems haven’t just written a manifesto for this general election, they’ve written the history books too.

The 2010 Lib Dem manifesto promised the party would “scrap unfair university tuition fees so everyone has the chance to get a degree, regardless of their parents’ income.” It added:

“Scrap unfair university tuition fees for all students taking their first degree, including those studying part-time, saving them over £10,000 each. We have a financially responsible plan to phase fees out over six years, so that the change is affordable even in these difficult economic times, and without cutting university income. We will immediately scrap fees for final year students.”

Of course we all know what happened next.

Since then, Nick Clegg has apologised for breaking the tuition fees pledge in a widely parodied video and his successor as Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, has said the pledge should have been a “red line” in the coalition agreement.

But it seems the Lib Dems aren’t “sorry, so sorry” after all.

Eagle eyed Green MP Caroline Lucas has spotted that the 2017 Lib Dem manifesto released today actually cites their betrayal of students as an achievement:

Tuition fees aren’t the only things getting too damn high under the Lib Dems – they’ve also promised to legalise cannabis…

  1. John Jefkins says:

    It was Labour and the Tories that ADDED Tuition Fees and the Terrible Tories were the ones that outvoted the Lib Dems and forced them to increase fees. What Lib Dems did was TREBLE money to universities whilst making fees based on ABILITY TO PAY – ie ONLY RICH GRADUATES EVER PAY ’em back !!!

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