Theresa May was given a tough time over the Tories’ record during a Facebook live Q&A with ITV this afternoon – not least by Jeremy Corbyn.

Tory spin doctors have ruled out the PM’s participation in TV debates because they are worried she will look weak and wobbly rather than strong and stable.

So Corbyn has found new ways to challenge the Tory leader and get his point across to the public.

The Labour leader is fond of putting the public’s questions to May at Prime Minister’s Question Time.

But this time he cheekily stole the spotlight from the Tory PM during her web chat by submitting his own question for the PM to host Robert Peston along with thousands of other Facebook users.

Peston put the question to the Maybot and she replied:

“What I think is more important is that he and I take questions directly from the voters. I don’t think you get much from seeing politicians sort of having a go at each other. I think people want to hear directly.”

May forgets that more than 7 million people watched “politicians sort of having a go at each other” before the last general election.

The interview was only otherwise notable for the constant stream of angry red faces rolling across the screen as May spoke – 10,000 to be precise.

Now where’s that chicken emoji…

  1. No I think he’s absolutely right with what he’s asked her he has as much right as any of us to ask questions why so shy ??

  2. Gary ANDERSON says:

    Only a ‘strong and stable’ PM would refuse a live debate that everybody in the country wants! Come on Theresa!

  3. Jean Sturgeon says:

    Every one believes Teresa May is frightened of Corbyn, so come on Teresa, show him you are Strong and Stable!

  4. She won’t debate him as she knows public opinion will turn as soon as she attempts to defend the Tories record in office

  5. A coward. A liar. A parasite feeding on our country. Supported by the media billionaires and many sheep

  6. Alan Combes says:

    Was at ‘Any Questions’ from Scarborough last week and the audience was very vocal in demanding a live debate. Poor Brandon Lewis got short shrift with the pitiful Tory excuses

  7. David Jones, says:

    She is not frightened of this clown,he would bankrupt the country in no time like the last Labour shower.

  8. The country is already bankrupt. And brexit and the Tories will finish it off. No nhs no jobs.

  9. If she is NOT frightened, why doesn’t she agree to live debate? I think the electorate deserve it!

  10. So, David Jones, she is not frightened of “this clown” Corbyn. Well, all she has to do is to agree to a live television debate with him. Wonder why she won’t??

  11. She said ‘What I think is more important is that he and I take questions directly from the voters.’

    That’s fine, we’ll pose the questions and they can debate them. Job done

  12. David Jones she is frightened just to talk to the electorate everything she does is stage managed.

  13. Patricia cradduck says:

    Says one thing and then does the complete opposite,how can you trust her,strong and stable my foot ,at least J C sticks to his convictions,if we don’t want our health service totally dismantled vote labour,they haven’t got rich mates just waiting to take over and privatise everything.

  14. She has utter contempt for the British people…..if she takes part in a debate she will expose her true self….someone with a sociopathic and narcissistic personality disorder. Far from running the country she needs to get psychiatric help.

  15. (Maggie May ) Is trying to out do the last Tory female Maggie.
    Taking everyone for nothing to say, Does she think she is in for the crown???

  16. Clive Clifton says:

    Needs to change her name to Teresa Won’t. All her promises have changed from Teresa May.
    Last night she was called a lier, she didn’t defend the accusation because she couldn’t.
    Trust me she said, what on? Broken promises and a broken society that the Tories have created since the last woman prime minister.

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