George Osborne has used his editorial in today’s Evening Standard to take revenge on Theresa May for sacking him as Chancellor.

This is what the grand master of unpopular policies had to say about the Tory general election campaign and manifesto under May:

“The Conservative campaign has meandered from an abortive attempt to launch a personality cult around Mrs May to the self-inflicted wound of the most disastrous manifesto in recent history and, after the atrocity in Manchester, shrill attacks on Mr Corbyn’s appeasement of terrorism.

“Their campaign seems to have gone out of its way to avoid the very issue — Brexit — that was supposed to be the very reason we were having an election in the first place. The result can be summed up by what we imagine to be the conversation around the breakfast table in Downing Street: “Honey, I shrunk the poll lead.” 

Ouch. Not only is May shrinking in stature in the eyes of the public, but it’s clear from this that even her leadership of the Tory party isn’t strong and stable anymore.

  1. The reason for this election was supposed to be Brexit but its really cos the tories cheated in the 2015 GE and they got caught and she couldnt risk prosecution of her illegally gained majority.

  2. Robert Sloan says:

    Medieval rat-catching centred on a pit with enticements! Once IN there’s no way OUT. Later unwitting entrants were killed and eaten by later comers. Until, of course, there remained only the wiliest rats, canny enough to avoid the trap and the stench therefrom exuding!!!
    ANYONE FOR A (tory) PARTY???

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