The German newspaper Die Zeit have published an extraordinary interview with Nigel Farage in English on its website.

The UKIP MEP insulted his interviewer, calling him a “nutcase” and “mad” in response to questions about his links to Julian Assange and Russia.

Farage said he met Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy for “journalist reasons” but couldn’t say if he would publish an account of their conversation.

He then flew into a rage with the journalist after being quizzed about his relationship with Russia:

Farage: We have no links to Russia.

Journalist: You didn’t meet with the Russian Embassy’s deputy chief-of-mission in London?

Farage: Nope.

Journalist: Not in 2013, before the Brexit campaign was conceived?

Farage: Ah, hang on. He came to the EP office. Or I met with him in London. So what?

Journalist: Why did you meet with him?

Farage: I think you are a nutcase! You are really a nutcase! Brexit is the best thing to happen: for Russia, for America, for Germany and for democracy. And that’s the key point.

The interview was halted for the fourth and final time when the interviewer suggested to Farage that Brexit could result in travel restrictions in Europe:

Journalist: Yet Brexit could result in there being a new border in Europe.

Farage: You are away with the fairies. You must be mad. I have never heard anything so immature in all my life. Because of Brexit I will lose my option to travel to Hamburg? You should be on a comedy show, not be a journalist.

The interview was conducted in Farage’s office at the European Parliament in Brussels, where he has kept a black full size coffin with a Euro sign on top for 20 years. He even posed for a picture next to it for the newspaper.

We’ll let you judge who the nutcase is…

  1. JBigglesworth says:

    Trump, Brexit, Farage, Le Pen, the Tories under May….

    Isn’t it strange that those people, parties and campaigns who wish to weaken or even to destroy the EU, all seem to have links, financial or otherwise, with Putin?

    Isn’t it also quite odd that in each case, there is something about their campaigning and their funding that doesn’t quite pass the sniff test?

  2. linda Daniels says:

    Absolutely Mrs May , Murdoch Bannon Trump Putin & numerous Billionaires are behind everything happening in the worlds politics . Farage is a Fascist and is linked in with them all Corruption abounds behind the referendum and elections, trying to bring the EU down , Money and greed and power are there wants by any means available.
    The Worst of it is they all think we do not know and we are fooled by them . No ! we are not and those that were not sure are opening their eyes.

  3. In Farage “key point” ….he didn’t say it would be good for the UK? ..however he does specify Russia.

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