Nigel Farage was called out as a coward in the European Parliament today over his decision not to stand in the general election.

Farage announced last month that he would not be standing in the first elections to what he regards as a sovereign UK Parliament – because it is more important for him to be in the European Parliament.

Nothing to do with his record of seven consecutive Parliamentary election defeats in six different constituencies.

His rather ironic decision was mocked in the European Parliament’s plenary sitting today by the leader of the largest group, Manfred Weber.

Commenting on mistaken predictions that far-right parties would sweep to power in the wake of Brexit, Weber said:

“Mr Farage is now defending a party which is politically dead in the UK. It is without leadership. Indeed it could even be said that he is not standing for Parliament and that this is a cowardly decision.” 

You can watch Weber’s speech below. His comments about Farage come at around 2.50:

In his own contribution to the debate on Brexit, Farage threw a wobbly over the highly embarrassing account of negotiations between Theresa May and EU Commission president Jean Claude Junker.

He said the decision to give details of the meeting to a German newspaper were “extremely bloody rude and the act of a bully.”

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