One of the Tories most effective attacks on Labour during the 2010 general election has just come back to haunt them.

When Labour proposed a 10% levy on estates to fund social care, the Tories branded it a “death tax” on billboards featuring a gravestone bearing the words: RIP OFF.

It’s not looking so clever now.

The Tories are facing exactly the same accusation over their newly announced social care policy – including from their own supporters.

The Tories abandoned their commitment to capping the cost of social care and have instead announced plans to make pensioners pay for their own care out of the value of their homes.

They won’t have to sell their homes while they’re living, but their relatives will once their gone to pay-off the care costs debt.

The Bow Group, which is the Tory party’s oldest think tank, have described the proposal as the “biggest stealth tax in history”. Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney said:

“It is a tax on death and on inheritance. It will mean that in the end, the government will have taken the lions share of a lifetime earnings in taxes. If enacted, it is likely to represent the biggest stealth tax in history and when people understand that they will be leaving most of their estate to the government, rather than their families, the Conservative Party will experience a dramatic loss of support.”  

Added to an end to the triple lock on pensions and cuts to winter fuel payments, the Tory manifesto hammers the elderly.

I think they call it a blue rinse…

  1. This is the reason that we need a progressive alliance, including party all left of centre party leaders, to create a real alternative to Mrs May’s ultra right wing polices dressed up as “standing up for the working people”.
    We need a new way of electing our government, one that creates a Parliament that reflects the way people have voted, and does not create a 5 year dictatorship elected by 30% of those who came out to vote.

  2. Eileen P Crichton says:

    The Tories just lost my vote with it’s policy. The elderly have been the generation to contribute more to the country than any other.

  3. Melissa Greener says:

    Everyone is talking about voting tactically. But, just imagine what we could all achieve if we all just voted for labour!

  4. Brian swinburne says:

    Incredibly it seems that the majority of people with little or no educational qualifications tend to vote Conservative. Could I ask them to consider that this is rather like turkeys voting for an early Chriatmas

  5. Frank sweeney says:

    They tend to vote Tory , because they read and believe everything they see in the Tory press . One common myth they read is that the tories are much better at managing the economy . When in fact George Osborne and brexit have wrecked the economy. Gordon Brown saved the banking system in 2008- no one reads about that in the sun and mail . A lot of people seem to mistAke , big cuts affecting the poor and tax cuts for the rich as managing the economy . It like saying that starving yourself to death is s good way to diet – blah blah

  6. Frank sweeney says:

    Looking at the other comments I would vote tactically – since the lib dem lost most of their seats after the Tory coalition , one has to assume they were not supported by Tory voters – so let’s start voting for them if they are the second party after a Tory

  7. I think May’s reading of choice recently has been a combination of Das Capital, Mein Kampf and Lenin’s autobiography,

  8. James wilson says:

    Lesley-Marie it is new, yes the state had a take some of the inheritance when our loved ones departed, however this new system would take more. You not think after a lifetimes work, you leave something to your family not having the state taking the bulk of this? Or am I the only person here thinking they are getting nothing from me! Am out vote going elsewhere!

  9. Vote tactically, if labour have no history in your seat then vote for whoever came second. We have to stop a Tory landslide. It would be disastrous for working and middle classes in the country.

  10. Who the hell would want to vote labour he’s a terrorist loving scumbag who shows no patriotic respect to the national anthem and will ruin this country with his cuts to our defences. He’s sees the British Forces as terrorists and not those who give their lives to protect this country. I don’t think you can vote for either of them.

  11. Backhyem, thanx for copy/pasting the hysteria tropes from the daily mail etc.
    U do know that Tories have and are continuing to decimate the military, police medical staff etc?
    That they’ve introduced a rape clause into child benefit? A RAPE CLAUSE!
    that they’ve raised the deficit to £1.7 trillion?

    But no, u go on spouting the usual spin rather than do some research…..

  12. Yes because that’s factual, he was the only high profile politician that stayed behind to speak to the veterans at the cenotaph. Cameron was already tucking into his pheasant at that point. But if course what’s really important is the depth of Corbyn’s bow. Keep lapping up your spoon fed warm diarrhea from the mainstream media imbecile, your billionaire ‘betters’ need more of your money.

  13. Tories are vindictive animals they dont care about the common person , the sick person , the old person, the disabled person , Unless you are wealthy will never benifit from their policies , they steal from the poor to give to the rich …they we terrorise the weak ….only last week 3 Tory party canversers abbused my democratic rights at my front door just because i told them they would not get my vote…. I definately will not vote for them …

  14. I don’t do media and I know it’s definitely time for change in government. What worries me is apathy. Getting people to vote is so so important as is educating the young voters. I’ve always taught my kids to question and think about what they see and hear in the press and I know they will be voting labour.

  15. What’s the point in working your whole life paying taxes buying your own property for the government to steal it off you when you die guess it won’t affect the landed gentry they use accountants to get out of death duties it’s time for us down trodden public to take them on they want a class war let’s give them one

  16. Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells says:

    This Tory propaganda myth about Jeremy Corbyn being a terrorist because he met with IRA leaders to try to broker a peace deal. Maggie Thatcher’s representatives did the same thing, but in private. The only difference was that Corbyn was open about it and did it in public. But then the Tory lemmings will believe everything that the Sun and the Mail spew out.

  17. Corbyn need some centre left voters to get him to win. Would be great if far left stopped being aggressive to center left voters they need.
    Extreme left wing views will not win them over unless there is a soffening of their ideas.

  18. if they get in best way forward would be to take out as much equity in your home and give your kids their inheritance early . spend the rest on a wonderful life . keep doing so until your no longer -not sure how much you can but take as much as possible .
    or sell up and go live in rented acc or a posh shed in your kids backgarden live life to the full spend your hard earned cash on living not dying .by a big caravan and travel .anything rather than give it to a money grabbing goverment .

  19. vote for May, save future generations paying of huge debt that Labour (under present leadership) would most certainly create!

  20. Welsh and proud says:

    It would be interesting to see if the people who have the most radical opinions on what is right and what is wrong with the manifesto of any party, actually bother to vote. Our last local election left us with an alliance of government because only 36% of the people bothered to cast their votes. Apathy will destroy Britain, not the government of the day….

  21. What’s fairer, using a portion of the equity in somebody’s property to fund their ‘late life’ care, or increasing taxes on young families, many in low-wage jobs and unable to get on the property ladder at all? Realistically, that’s the choice!

  22. May new saying is rob the poor and give to the rich I know for sure you be nice and warm in winter you can bet will be paying it for you and your lot

  23. Oh Mrs Mays voice and rhetoric ………..does it remind you of another female Tory leader??????
    Take care!!!!!

  24. Taking from the young, The old, The poor, The sick, The workers, The health service, The police,The armed forces and The Local councils, so the question has to be where has the MONEY GONE?

  25. Vote Plaid Cymru in Wales. The only part that will defend our country from the Westminster government.The unionist parties only care about England.

  26. A vote for anyone else such as LIbs or SNP is a vote for the Conservstives.

    Don’t vote tactical VOTE LABOUR

  27. John Nicholls says:

    Remember what the Lib Dems did in 2010 before deciding to vote tactically. What’s the point of kicking the Conservatives out of the front door only to let them back in through the kitchen window?

  28. Susan Hubble says:

    I shall be voting Tory. I think Theresa May will be the only leader credible to negotiate on our behalf with the EU. At present you can only keep £23,500 of your money to leave your family if care is needed. TM is increasing this to £100,000. Under Labour it was only £10,000.

  29. Vote tactically or vote Labour? Want the best chance of defeating the Tories in your constituency? Log on to, and follow the instructions to Vote Smart. They’ve done all the number crunching for you and can tell you which of the progressive candidates in your are has the best chance of winning. If you take their advice we’ve got a strong chance of preventing a Tory landslide.

  30. Gordon Brown did not cause the country into a depression it was the banking crisis that caused it and the sooner you get that into your thick heads the better Vote labour and give the stealing witch her marching orders she thinks she has this election sewn up ha ha ha

  31. Susan Hubble you need to read properly you have typed a load of rubbish and got all you numbers wrong Labour had a 10% tax , the Tories want the lot apart from 100k so if you are in a 250k home and had social care you loose 150k you stupid woman

  32. The Tories will have already taken nearly £50,000 off many us in state pension women born in the 50’s now have to work until they are 66 Personally I would have paid in for 46 years and raised a family Now as I grow old and if I need social care they will take my house too that’s about 350,000 that’s without all the tax and national insurance that I’ve paid in Now where will that money go ? In the pockets of the fat cats I bet you can’t tell me that’s not immoral and will benefit the old and fragile …. so For got sake get them out !

  33. Why should poorer persons such as those who rent council houses pay taxes to pay for richer persons ‘ social care simply so the latter group can hang on to overpriced property and leave it to their children who get something simply by accident of birth? This is an excellent policy it is not a “tax” it is saying people should pay for themselves whilst they can before asking others to assist them via the state.

  34. Eric Drinkwater says:

    I am starting to get excited about Jeremys prospects to bring Labour home. Our %age of the vote is steadilly increasing.

  35. For those not advocating tactical voting. You are giving bad advice if you really want to see the back of the tories, N Cornwall being one of many examples where a vote for anyone but; (in this case); Lib Dem could see the conservative sneak in.

  36. Get this clear. This is a Tory Tax on inheritance.
    Your grandchildren will no longer receive the money you wanted to pass on to them to give them a start in life. The Chancellor and greedy insurance companies will feast on it instead.
    But don’t worry, you can go out into the countryside every weekend and watch hounds rip a fox apart as compensation. That’s fair isn’t it.

  37. Where’s the Labour policy to deal with the toe rags that live off benefits and won’t pay for their care either? Sorry, my mistake, they all vote Labour.

  38. What on earth makes anyone think that May is the best person to negotiate a deal when we leave the EU! She can’t even stand up with Corbyn in a face to face debate!!!!!

  39. Well take out equity release in your 79s give your kids their money then that would solve the government getting theirvmoney!

  40. The very rich will always find a way to protect there assets, put the house in trust for the children 20 years before your death, no death duty, no tax to pay. OR,
    Don’t own a property, spend your money, don’t safe and your ok too.
    Who pays?
    Us In the middle, no matter what party is in power.

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