Danny DeVito has urged his British fans to register to vote and elect Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, saying: “You’ve got the guy.”

The award winning actor and director told his 4 million Twitter followers to vote for Corbyn and “show us how it’s done.”

He also showed how closely he is following the general election by signing-off his message with #grime4corbyn – a social media campaign kick-started by the recent endorsement for the Labour leader by grime artist Stormzy.

It’s not the first time DeVito has expressed his support for Corbyn.

He described the Labour leader and US socialist Bernie Sanders as the “only shining lights we have right now” and said he thought Corbyn would make a “way better” PM than David Cameron. Remember him.

He also shared this article about media misrepresentations of Corbyn:

And backed Corbyn’s campaign in the last Labour leadership election:

Wise guy…

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