Theresa May has managed to make a mess of the latest leg of her tightly staged managed tour of the outside world.

The Prime Minister has refused to take part in TV debates because she believes “in campaigns where politicians go out and meet the voters.”

But so far her campaign has mostly consisted of robotically reciting Lynton Crosby’s sound bites to behind-closed-doors meetings of Tory activists.

She couldn’t even manage to get that right when she visited Wales this week and suffered a Freudian slip, saying: “We want to lead the world in preventing tourism.”

And when she did actually meet a real life voter at the weekend, the encounter ended in embarrassment as she was told to keep off his lawn before being berated for ducking TV debates – all in front of local newspaper journalists.

Her latest blunder came yesterday during a visit to an (empty) factory in Clay Cross, Derbyshire, when she appeared to have no clue where she was.

Struggling for the name of the town in one TV interview, she said: “I’m pleased to come to er…um…this particular town.” 

Her confidence shaken, she was then unable to answer a simple question on mugwumps in an interview with BBC Radio Derby:

So it was straight back to handpicked audiences of Tory workers and members when she visited Leeds last night.

Telegraph journalist Christopher Hope posted a photo of the meeting:

One user replied to say he worked in the building which May was visiting and revealed none of the company’s workers were allowed to attend:

So strong, so stable…

  1. What was she trying to prove coming to Harehills ?? If it was bravery in facing the people.. it failed.. Invited Tories only and totally unrepresenttive of the area ! If that’s her strategy it’s pretty obvious she is afraid of something.The truth sometimes hurts and she would certainly have had to face it and hear it if she had had an open meeting!

  2. I doubt she could make any constructive contribution to any TV debate. Hold it without her and televise it on Channel 4.

  3. They used my work, 70 concepts to help the country. They did not pay for this, harassed me, made threats, made me self harm, take sleeping pills, scratch my own private areas due to threats made to others. Go to the Priory in order to discredit my career, to help them improve their careers with 27 years of my work. Every day there are more threats made to me. I have done nothing wrong. I cannot stay quiet. I have suffered, more than I can write here. Yet I must publish this because this must never again be allowed to happen to anyone else. My family and work life have been jeopardised and all for the good of their careers, They are all in IT together. I hope the truth is at least the media. Please protect all human rights laws.

  4. Simon Jonesy Jones says:

    In Clay Cross it was again a private ‘Tory Faithful’ visit. No one allowed to know she was here and no invites to any of the local community.
    Ineffectual, corrupt and vile is what this excuse for a woman truly is.

  5. John William Brown says:

    BREAKING: That imfamously deplorable and second-rate comedy duo ‘Stable and Strong’ will be making their final appearance supporting Jim Davidson at the Britannia Pier, Yarmouth shortly after the end of May.

  6. She the vicars daughter is not one bit Christian She is a disgrace can’t face normal people because she doesn’t have any interest in them .

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