Labour’s shadow energy minister Barry Gardiner was living up to his title earler today with an explosive performance on Sky News.

The MP took Sky anchor Adam Boulton to task for the easy ride he gave Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith over his party’s broken pledges on immigration.

Boulton hadn’t even got a question out before Gardiner asked: “Why did you let him off the hook?” You can watch the rest of Gardiner’s question time for yourself below:

  1. Elaine Lightfoot says:

    If more Labour Mps called out news editors for not doing their job then journalism might behave better.

  2. Anthony Smith says:

    Superb. Get the Tories and their friends in the media on the back foot. Do not Alli them to give the Tories an easy ride over their appalling record and think they can then lay into Labour. Well done, Barry. Take the fight to the Tories and their friends in the media.

  3. Bravo Barry Gardiner. Adam Boulton’s interview with the insufferable IDS was positively fawning. At one stage I thought Boulton was taking part in a Tory Party political broadcast.

  4. Finally, smug Adam Boulton gets his arse handed to him on a plate, well done Barry Gardiner for calling him out and the blatant bias of the Tories mates in the media!

  5. Labour on the attack. Excellent. The media have to give them air time during an election campaign and they clearly don’t like ir

  6. Well done that man let’s have more of the same?
    It’s about time we all have a go at the MSM take no Prisoners?
    When the going gets tough the tough get going!
    If you don’t vote you can’t moan afterward!

  7. Brilliant stuff well done Barry Gardiner. As stated in previous comments we need more Labour MPs to take a leaf out of his book, however I can’t see we’ll get this sort of robust stance from the likes of Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall et al.

  8. He is no Tory you do realise who Boulton is married to yes Tony Blair’s spin doctor Anji Hunter

  9. Florence Arthur says:

    Fantastic, brilliant, and not before time either, one hellava ass kicking for a murdoch /tory puppet. Well done. Now lets see massive attacks on all fronts, get our messages out there. Telling it like it is, and how different it Will be after tories are sent packing along with their lying, deceitful, decrepit, money grabbing lackies. Lets see our 21century labour party come to power, and get this Uk back on its feet after 10long dreary down trodden years, Caused By THE TORIES, no ine else to blame now. Only themselves and the off shore bankers. Come on all 600.000 labour voters. Do not sit backand let this evil mob back in. They know they cannot lie to us all now. But they will, as its inbred. Not one honest thought in their ehole rag bag of a snobbery party. Yhey certainly are ALL in it. IT, BEING OF THEIR OWN MAKING.

  10. A true journalist would be unbiased and seek the truth no matter who employees him. So come on for once do your brilliant profession a good turn and tell it as it is.

  11. Gary Smillie says:

    Good on you mate. We need more Labour people to tell it like it is. Too many Tories get an easy ride from the msm ( just ask Laura koennsburg) And we know the Labour spokesperson will get exactly the opposite

  12. Yawn, No different to the easy ride Labour get from the BBC. Typical view of the left saying the medie is all right wing. Total garbage as I think you will find far more people watch the BBC news than Sky. It means nothing in the grand scheme of things as both News Corporations were on the side of remain and look how that turned out!!!

  13. You’ve probably noticed how immigration is not such a hot topic in the right wing press now that the Tories failed to reduce it. Mrs May was in the home office for 6 years, could have reduced it, but failed.
    The same goes for the deficit- under the party of so called ‘economic competence’ U.K. debt has risen to a record £1.7trillion.
    Now we’re heading for the broad, sunlit uplands of Brexit. Hope the vicar’s daughter is saying her prayers!

  14. Haydn F Labour get an easy ride from the BBC? You’re having a laugh. Jeremy Corbyn has had his character assassinated repeatedly by the BBC, Kuennsberg in particular has been like an attack dog. And that’s not just my opinion. It’s demonstrable fact and has been proven in several studies.

  15. Grace Quilietti says:

    This is what is required, hold all conservatives to account ,they are getting away with murder ,and if the journalists won’t or can’t do it , Politician’s need to ask Why ..!

  16. Great to see but we should have been doing this in 2010 and 2015 when they kept saying labour can’t be trusted. If we’d have told em they were talking BS this country wouldn’t be in such a mess. BUT ITS ALL NOW ABOUT GETTING THE TORIES OUT.

  17. This is fairly typical of Labour. Whine about how unfair the world is for them rather than use every chance to get their own message across. They are obviously trying to stir up the sense of grievance in the same way as Farage does. It works to an extent but generally puts more people off when they realise it has no basis. I always thought he was one of the more sensible members of the Labour Party as well.

  18. No basis in fact? The spoofs are more true than the propaganda of the Conservatives! Labour can’t be trusted? That’s rich coming from the Conservatives!

  19. Craig Speckman says:

    All these comments but still the tories will get in. Only way to get them out is a LABOUR vote

  20. Barry Gardiner! So impressive! High time the lazy, sneering MSM had a dose of Labour truth. Now let him loose on the BBC, especially on the abysmal Laura Kuenessberg!

  21. It is time that the Labour party stopped trying to be the considerate party, the calm placid do gooder party, the say what you like about us party, It is time that Labour in general and it’s MP’s in particular cbit back like this stop all the nicey nicey compliance, the soft head shaking when offended, or the wry smile when ignored or lied about. For the sake of Britain bite back drag them out of their comfort zones rattle them, show them we have fire for those who have failed our people, and venom for those who have brought the disabled to suicide, the poor to ever deeper poverty! We must show our anger and our ability to mend that which is broken and to punish those who destroyed lives for profit!

  22. This guy hits the mark. Assertive without being aggressive (eg G.Galloway). Correctly calls out bias. Gave an example to explain policy (ie businesses​ needing access to the right people, even if immigrant).

  23. Haydn F. A typical Tory talking through your arse. This biased media has been proven to have carried out a character assassination of Corbyn since he became leader and failed to give any labour politicians the same amount of credit, airtime and respect than that given to the Tories. State the facts not the same biased bs that the media does. This government is corrupt and a a bunch of liars, hell bent on lining the pockets of their rich corporate mates at the expense of ordinary working people. It’s high time they got their come uppance. Karma is a bitch!

  24. JBigglesworth says:

    Barry Gardiner hits the nail on the head. May has put immigration before the economy. Everyone with any sense knows this will damage the economy and is an idiotic ordering of priorities; even Mayhem herself knows this. Mayhem also knows that just as she failed to live up to her immigration promises as Home Sec., so she will fail as PM.

    So why do the Tories persist? It’s a Lynton Crosby dog-whistle and “wedge” issue (one that divides one party from another). She knows she’ll be able to launch hypocritical attack after hypocritical attack on Labour through it and she’ll get the votes of the unthinking and racist.

    She knows if she wins, she can always wriggle out of her promises (Fleet Street will back her), and if it wrecks the economy anyway, well, it won’t be the Tories who suffer, who lose their jobs and homes and have their pay and conditions slashed because of it, will it?

  25. terryindorset says:

    For john locke to say “He is no Tory you do realise who Boulton is married to yes Tony Blair’s spin doctor Anji Hunter” is mind-numbing. That connection does make him a Tory !!!

  26. Well done, Barry Gardiner. It’s great to see some real solid opposition from the Opposition – we need a lot more now, please, urgently.

  27. stirring stuff – but he is not quite so comfortable when interviewed by jon nsow on channel 4 news about ‘establishment’

  28. Barry Gardiner was terrific and the Tory machine got called out, Adam Boulton is an out and out Tory.
    Boulton was pathetic pandering to IDS like a puppy dog and he and IDS thought Gardiner would just let it slide, from now on the PLP has to do the same thing when they’re getting interviewed by a bias news anchor ( And there’s a lot of them on our TV’s) Labour has to win in June for the countries sake.

  29. Pete Cleverdon says:

    Haydn sweet F.A.

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