UKIP can’t buy an election victory at the moment. Scrapbook reported last week how leader Paul Nuttall lost the Stoke Central by-election despite spending £10,000 more than any other candidate.

But now the Kippers have an even bigger problem – they can’t even correctly register to run in an election.

UKIP were hoping to take their third seat in the 5 member north ward of Haverhill Town Council in a by-election.

Instead their hopeful has been automatically disqualified because they filled out the registration form incorrectly.

The Cambridge News reports that the would-be candidate invalidated their form by writing UKIP, rather than the party’s full name: UK Independence Party.

It meant that, as the only candidate, Labour’s Liz Smith was automatically elected.

The blunder comes in the same week that:

  • A UKIP councillor in Somerset claimed the NHS was wasting money on LGBT services
  • A UKIP councillor in Hartlepool, who works as a tanker driver, appeared in court charged with drink driving
  • UKIP leader Paul Nuttall gave Nigel Farage his 110% support to contest the South Thanet seat again

You’ve got to be in it to win it…

  1. patrick newman says:

    This article constitutes cruelty to an endangered species and I shall report the publication to Donald Trump!

  2. barry catlin says:

    was this genuine mistake or was it a total cock up i guess this is more money wasted
    uk independence party really do need to get a grip , wasn’t any one there to check.

    you know -measure twice cut once read the small print etc

  3. robert smith says:

    Nigel farage is ukip,with him at the top voters are now leaving ukip,i believe as many do that if he came back as leader ukip woud grow in the political arena,without him,i doubt if ukip will make any difference to british politics

  4. Phil Grayson says:

    UKIP are here to stay, they are needed more than ever now. Labour is finished and the Lib Dums can’t be trusted, they are led by a slimy toad who hasn’t the slightest notion of, or regard for Democracy, and the Tories need to be reminded that Britain needs to leave the corrupt EU dictatorship on our terms!

  5. If they don’t have the competence to correctly fill out the election form they won’t have the competence to manage local government affairs.

  6. I Don’t trust any political Political party,they are ALL subject to their paymasters &
    ”Whips office” to tow the croney line.
    Labour is hindbound by Blairite ‘Right’ & Slogan lunatic PC ;;left” time to jettison Political Correctness & stop Lib-Lab-Con-Green MEPs opposing ‘Brexit’ in Brussels.
    UK system will resemble US system every congressman is backed by Corporate interests.
    NHS has shrunk to 8.4% of GDP in 2010 to 6.3% in 2016.
    Lib-Lab-Cons-SF-PC-SNP-Greens a pox on all
    VOTE Independent in May 2018 London Local elections

  7. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    The party name to be used on the nomination form is UK Independence Party UKIP and the candidate or their agent should have known better. Even the District Nominating Officer should have advised the candidate. Still when you are a small party with limited funds and without the head office back-up of the other parties then mistakes can happen. It makes for a bit of fun but these things can happen to the best of us and after all we all know by now what the abbreviation stands for.

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