Donald Trump is due to host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his Mar-a-Lago beach club this weekend – but sushi is off the menu.

An inspection of the exclusive venue’s kitchen found that fish designed to be served raw “had not undergone proper parasite destruction”, the Miami Herald has revealed.

It was among 13 violations cited by inspectors after a visit to the club which has a $200,000 joining fee. They also found meats being stored at a heat 16 degrees higher than is safe in two broken fridges and that staff were washing their hands with water that’s too cold to properly sanitise them.

Although the restaurant was passed, inspectors said three of the violations were “high priority” – meaning that they could allow the presence of illness-causing bacteria, the local paper added.

News of the inspection has caused embarrassment for Trump, who also hosted Chinese premier Xi Jinping at the club last weekend.

In the kitchen as in the White House…unfit to serve

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