Trudy Harrison promised to be a “strong, confident voice in Parliament” for Copeland when she was elected in a surprise victory for the Tories in February.

In reality she hasn’t said a word on behalf of her constituents since taking her seat in the House of Commons on March 1.

The ParlyApp account on Twitter pointed out earlier that records show she failed to make a single spoken contribution – either in the main Commons chamber or Westminster Hall – in the 19 days on which Parliament has been in session since she was sworn in.

They also show she hasn’t tabled any written questions to ministers or signed any Early Day Motions. Her sole Parliamentary activity was to march through the lobby on 19 occasions to vote loyally with the Tory whip.

By contrast, Labour’s Gareth Snell, who won the Stoke Central by-election on the same night as Harrison was elected, has made 12 spoken contributions in Parliament, as well as voting on 19 occasions.

He has made three contributions in the Commons chamber, eight in Westminster Hall and one in a committee. Snell has also signed 3 Early Day Motions.

Press Association journalist Ian Jones reckons Parliament will be dissolved for the general election on May 3.

That gives Harrison just 9 sitting days to make her maiden speech or go down in the history books for all the wrong reasons.

That will be a difficult record to sell on the doorstep…


  1. Has she responded to any constituents’ emails or letters yet? Anyone I know of who has emailed or written is still waiting….

  2. West Cumbrian says:

    In response to this :

    Has she responded to any constituents’ emails or letters yet? Anyone I know of who has emailed or written is still waiting….
    Well I know of one group that have copied her into a number of emails and wrote and they have had no reply what so ever.

  3. The disappearance of our local MP. I bet she is now thinking how am I gonna by to explain this to the constituents I’m supposed to be representing in Copeland. We don’t just want a yes yes MP up here we want someone who fights and interacts with the people their put in by.
    Exposed so soon after being elected

  4. It is a disgrace! There are a great deal of social problems around her area. Social services are so over stretched that they are not able to take referrals from local primary school who are concerned about children in their care, they are offer fobbed off concerned teaching staff. Ms Harrison has failed to address the major changes to Nhs services in Whitehaven, moving vital service to other areas.
    The area is so under funded and I don’t believe she is passionate enough to stand up for the Copeland people

  5. Mp’s are not permitted to speak in parliament until they have been allowed to deliver their maiden speech which I believe is due any time now.

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