The chairman of a Tory constituency association has called for the party to deselect MPs who don’t bang the Brexit drum enthusiastically enough.

The call was made by Wycome Conservative Association chairman Gary Heath in an article on the Conservative Home website headlined: “Let’s seize this chance to purge our Party and deselect the Remainers.”

It concludes:

“As the Conservative battle bus rolls towards June, the passengers must all be looking out the front window – not peering out of the back, telling the incumbents how nice the last town was and how we should have stayed there.

“So before constituency parties are too quick to re-nominate existing candidates, let us make sure that they can deliver the post-Brexit referendum message. If they cannot, maybe it is time for your constituency to leave them on the pavement, and recruit people who can.”

Pro-EU MPs in the firing line could include Anna Soubry (pictured) and Nicky Morgan, who have worked with opposition parties since the referendum to try and block a hard Brexit.

Did the Heath have the authority for the piece from Wycombe’s enthusiastically pro-Brexit Tory MP Steve Baker?

Tory MP Nicholas Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill who backed Remain during the referendum, branded the article “appalling.”

Labour has confirmed that the party’s MPs will not face deselection ahead of the general election.

Can the Tories say the same…

  1. According to International Business Times, 184 Tory MPs backed Remain in the Referendum so, does the Wycombe wonder boy want all of them deselected?
    Any Tory MP who is pro-EU ought to consider a private chat with Tim Farron.

  2. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    Only an EXTREMELY dim Tory constituency chairman would mention ‘the Conservative battle bus’ given how many of his chums are under investigation still for 2015 election expenses.

  3. “given how many of his chums are under investigation still for 2015 election expenses.”

    Especially since all of the investigations will be curtailed because of the election?

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