The archetypal government minister, it wasn’t so long ago that Tories were dreaming of a team of Philip Hammonds – but confidence in old “safe hands” is collapsing among members of his own party, according to a new poll.

Hammond had a satisfaction rating of 74.3 when the Conservative Home website took the temperature of the Tory members last month.

But the results of their latest poll published today reveals that just 9.8% of Tory members polled are satisfied with his performance as Chancellor.

That’s a fall of 64.5 points in a single month. What happened between the two polls? Hammond managed to deliver the most panned budget since the Tories took power in 2010 – quite a feat considering George Osborne delivered the others.

Even the Tory press turned on him over plans to hike taxes on the self-employed.

Conservative Home reports:

“There has never, in the history of our Cabinet League Table, have been a fall from grace as dramatic as Philip Hammond’s. The Chancellor’s standing has tended to yo-yo on a fairly regular basis, but the National Insurance fiasco seems to have done him real damage.”

Hammond takes some heat of David Cameron, who previously held the record for the biggest popularity slump with a 54 point fall after his failed bid to renegotiate Britain’s EU membership terms.

It leaves Hammond as the third least popular minister in the Cabinet with Tory members, propping up the satisfaction league table with Business Secretary Sajid Javid and Justice Secretary Liz Truss.

If Theresa May is going to call a snap general election, she’s going to need a more charismatic Chancellor to sell another round of Tory cuts.

Hammond is anything but safe anymore…


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