Theresa May’s claims over the Government’s record on school funding were immediately and embarrassingly contradicted by one of her own MPs at PMQs.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asked the Prime Minister why the Government is giving “tax giveaways to the richest corporations while our children’s schools are starved” – pointing out some schools have resorted to sending out letters to parents begging for extra cash.

In response, May said: “There are record levels of funding going into schools.”

But only moments after she had finished her exchanged with Corbyn, Tory MP Michelle Donelan stood up to demand more money for schools in her constituency.

“For years I’ve been campaigning for fairer funding in Wiltshire schools. Will the Prime Minister please re-affirm her commitment to this?”

In reality, the Institute for Fiscal Studies says that English schools are facing the biggest funding cuts since Thatcher was in Downing Street.

The PM might have a problem on the campaign trail if she can’t even get Tory MPs to buy her spin…


  1. My concern is over the number of state school teachers whom I have met, who tell me that the creative arts are being squeezed out of the curriculum in their schools. But private schools seem to be able to maintain a high level of creativity in the curriculum.

    Having in the past, spent many hours interviewing candidates for entry into BA (Hons) courses in Art School and University. The difference in the depth of tuition and technical support, was very evident. This is increasingly making a two tier level of demonstrable ability, which is intrinsically unfair to the applicants from state schools.

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