Theresa May said that she wouldn’t criticise the Daily Mail for its “crush the saboteurs” front page because she believes we “should stand up for the freedom of the press” – but it appears her willingness to stand up for freedom of the press ends at their right to ask her a question.

The Prime Minister kicked-off the Tories’ election campaign last night by repeating Lynton Crosby’s sound bites for 15 minutes at a choreographed rally in front a few hand-picked supporters to which she arrived by helicopter.

Journalists were invited but not allowed to ask questions. Today, journalists have been frozen out all together – even from the Tory-supporting press.

The Telegraph’s chief political correspondent Christopher Hope wrote:

And Bloomberg journalist Rob Hutton points out:

Some journalists, like the Independent’s Jon Stone, don’t think it’s a big loss:

But Theresa May’s refusal to take questions is in contrast to Jeremy Corbyn’s approach at Labour’s campaign launch today – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the press pack:

Mirror political editor Jack Blanchard:

Times deputy political editor Sam Coates:

Politics Home editor Kevin Schofield:

Presumably, just like the TV debates, Theresa May is too busy meeting ordinary voters to take awkward questions from journalists.

Well, we know how that’s going…

  1. I’d have one question for her..

    If Mr Corbyn is such weak opposition why won’t she face him head to head on a live televised debate?..

    if he’s SO weak why is she resisting this?.. especially considering the bad press she’s getting over it

  2. She (May) calling the pot black. I don’t support the Unilected Upprer house and there interfering in theme of brexit in parliamentary discussion. Equally May was anit brexit also aNon elected priministrer. How can she camplain about the club she will eventually join join. Crap

  3. Theresa May has no humanitarian values. That’s why she’s scared of Corbyn. A man of principle who would rip her to shreds in a one on one debate.

  4. so, a taxi driver puts two fingers up at May, gets threatened by the police, SHE puts two fingers up at the country, and nothing happens.
    Tory justice in action.

  5. All much for underfunded under resourced police force habnt time energy no e.g. to sort out the youth gangs tearing up area of the country but time too threaten someone for a political point of view

  6. Tris Price_Williams says:

    I wonder when we will be required to bow when she entered the room. Scandal that that policeperson was wagging his finger at the man who stuck his fingers up at her. She must have picked up some tips from her best mates in the barbaric royal dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

  7. She’s no need to speak to the press or in debates,she made a statement on tuesday morning why she was calling a general election,and she gave the same statement in Westminster,so the only time she nneeds to speak us when shse’s on the doorstep canvassing.

  8. I don’t think she will do the televised debates because they were so embarrassing last time.
    A waste of time, I think; she will be out on the streets instead.
    She does not have to prove herself, as you can see from Parliament question time. TM can hold her own, as she has shown.

  9. She comes out with the same drivel each time, the basic rhetoric doesn’t change, she has never answered a question yet. I was always told it was bad manners to answer a question with another! I guess some of the tories would say that that makes her a good politician, but how can you trust someone who has no intention of telling her electorate what is happening?

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