Staff at Donald Trump’s golf course in Scotland have been reprimanded in court after “secretly filming” a woman urinating in a bunker.

62 year old Carol Rohan Beyts, who told the court she suffers from bladder problems, was caught short while walking across Trump’s course in Aberdeenshire and squatted down in the sand to relieve herself.

Three Trump employees had been standing nearby and took a photograph of the woman, who is a well known campaigner against the course, as evidence that she’d committed a criminal act.

Trump’s course had brought a case against Beyts but it was later dropped and described as “frivolous” at today’s hearing.

The sheriff did not award the woman compensation because of what her legal team described as a “technicality” – but he said she “should not have been photographed.”

And he warned Trump’s employees: “Officious bystanders taking pictures of females urinating in the countryside put themselves at real risk of prosecution under public order or voyeurism”.

Beyts described herself as “very relieved” at the verdict. “I was only interested in clearing my name when the Trump organisation representative spoke of me committing a deliberate and shameful act within a few hundred feet of the clubhouse in full view of staff and guests,” she said.

“My message for Donald Trump is treat people with respect and dignity, and you will get treated with respect and dignity.”

In true Trump style, the course branded the case “nonsense” and a “poor attempt at self-publicity.”

  1. So . . . .they brought the case and then described it as nonsense and self-publicity ? . . . mmmmmm

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