Theresa May said she wouldn’t do TV debates because she believes “in campaigns where politicians go out and meet the voters” – but her recent experiences on the campaign trail must have her longing for the comfort of a TV studio.

The Express and Star newspaper has published a brilliant account of a meeting between the Prime Minister and one such real life voter in Dudley.

It reports how 73 year old Graham Mills, who was mowing the lawn when the PM and his entourage arrived, cut the Tory’s campaign claims down to size.

He refused the PM permission to walk across his freshly cut grass and then proceeded to give her a hard time for dodging TV debates, supporting privatisation and her record as Home Secretary. Mills told his local paper:

“I was cutting my grass at the time when I saw a load of cars pull up and she came towards me.

“First of all she asked if she could walk across my lawn and I said no, not really, I have just cut it.

“I started by asking her why she would not debate the other leaders on the TV and she said ‘well we meet every Wednesday’ and I said that is hardly an answer and asked if she thought she owed it to the public. Again I did not really get an answer.

“I asked her why she was running the exact same campaign as David Cameron did with Lynton Crosby and employing the same scare tactics by suggesting Labour would form a coalition with the SNP, which she knows they wouldn’t. It is scare tactics.

“I was amazed at how nervous she was.

“She spoke about Europe saying we had to get things back so I asked her why doesn’t she start at home

“She kept giving me stock answers every time – which was that it would be worse under Labour. I was really disappointed.”

This must be why May’s team have stopped inviting national newspaper journalists out on the campaign trail:

But the PM’s right, this is much better than TV debates…



  1. The BBC will be reporting her campaign in glowing terms however inept,ill-informed and ridiculous she looks. As she bends more to the Right everyday. Clearly not the puppeteer this woman!!

  2. May has no answers other than the ones that are scripted for her! She is a Tory automaton – she will avoid any thought of taking part in a TV debate as she knows only too well that, apart from bluster, she has little or no answer to those such as Corbyn and Sturgeon, both great debaters, who will expose for all to see that ineptitude and shallowness.

  3. Paul B Ferry says:

    How can May meet every single voter in the UK before June 8th? Wouldn’t having a debate on TV not reach more voters?

  4. Come to Glasgow and you will get your answer but i suppose that is to far for your to travel since you are all about England!!!

  5. May campaigned in Bolton factory. Then went to Maidenhead to another campaign and said the exact same thing, not one word was different. She is useless . No wonder she won’t debate Corbyn. She couldn’t even debate an old man on his loan

  6. The BBC at 1255 reported that she was coming to South Wales but not where. Even had a Reporter on air outside but would only identify it as South Wales. At Wales News at 1.30 they say show her walking into a factory in Newport, no actual content, then say she has arrived at a Community Centre in Brackla where they have been since the earlier news. No pictures of her arriving or in a meeting, no comment of who she is meeting. This is hard news reporting by the BBC! Compliant with the coy Theresa May repeating the scare line Coalition of Chaos but no debate etc.

  7. How can you debate with a party that does not have a clear mandate for the election and on Brexit. I’ve been a Socialist all my life but I am very disillusioned by the present supposed democrats.

  8. That must’ve been her on the westbound M4 earlier then. Thought I could smell shite for next 20 miles.

  9. I just listened to the PMs speech in Wales. Full of untruths and aimed at misleading the public. Shame on you, Mrs May. This is one voter who will not be voting for your party.

  10. It’s unbelievable how these people can go around and still think we’re stupid enough to believe anything they say.

    My response is quite simple.

    Anything the BBC reports about Theresa May or the Conservative Party, I do one of two things:

    Press the mute button on my remote or switch off immediately.

    The less we see or hear about them, the more irrelevant they become.

  11. linda Daniels says:

    May is a puppet of Murdoch who is a friend of Putin and Trump , so many are ;leaving her high and dry !! and goodness knows how many CPS are after in Tory government.
    She lies consistently & her answers are inaccurate, rehearsed, and spiteful as she looks around with glee. No not in my name May.

  12. When she went to visit her old school near Oxford, just around the time she was becoming PM, only the Telegraph was permitted to cover the visit. Not even the Oxford Mail was allowed to attend.

  13. Nova Pilbeam says:

    I hope she continues in this way, people will surely see her for what she is – along with her nasty party. I too use my “mute” button when ever she or her ilk come on the news…she looks really funny! Please UK voters, VOTE THEM OUT OUT OUT before they destroy our country even more.

  14. Frodo Bugler says:

    If only she had come to me first, I would have given her a close inspection of my lawnmower all over her putrid sith face!

  15. Dennis Bartholomew says:

    why dont she come to Scotland and talk to real people at the bottom of the mound in Edinburgh or George square in Glasgow or maybe up to Aberdeen or even Dundee i am sure she would be given a warm welcome ha ha my arse she would then know what debating was all about the Scottish people are good at it she would run a mile

  16. Lisa Vincent says:

    Terrible. So out of touch with the general public. Corbyn will be a breath of fresh air. The only hope we have!

  17. The woman’s a coward. She dare not do a TV debate because Jeremy Corbyn will wipe the floor with her – exposing her incompetence, her lies, her corruption, her selling off Britain’s assets to her corporate parasites (tax dodging husband included) She is a disaster. If sycophants like Laura Keunsberg and the Tory BBC had an ounce of journalistic integrity, the people of Britain would rid themselves off this utterly disastrous politician and her bunch of fraudsters.

  18. She won’t debate because she tells lies…all the time….and you have to have a helluva good memory to be a good liar…. She is an absolute disgrace as a politician and not fit to lead anything let alone the country….anyone who votes for this incompetent narcissistic individual and her gang really need their heads examined. Get these Tory incompetents out….

  19. Sue Carpenter says:

    This is all very well but how are we going to get through to people who are taken in by all the lies? This worries me.

  20. I’m realising now that she’s NOT a strong and stable leader, but a puppet levered in as a Maggie substitute to, once again, reclaim their ‘glory days’ and fed on soundbites. She can’t debate with soundbites alone.

  21. If this election is about Brexit then I am the next Pope. This lying bitch is hiding something and isn’t even prepared to fight her own corner. Sturgeon is going to kick your ugly lying arse

  22. Before I say this, I’d like to point out that I am definitely not a Tory!
    However, has it occurred to anyone that whoever gets to be a prime minister has got their hands tied because they have to deal with the outcome of the referendum which of they don’t know that it will be total shit, they are totally deluded? Because TM is probably not deluded, but also can’t tell us how shit it is going to be, the only way she can protect herself is to be evasive.

  23. I want a Tory voter to explain to me why they would vote for a party that has introduced the benefits rape clause. I want them to e plain how the NHS situation is justified, the dismantling of disability support, increased foodbanks etc.
    WITHOUT using “but corbyn’s a terrorist supporter” as justification for their voting Tory.

    Never a reasoned response to my question – because none of the above actions by this government can be justified.

  24. Syyart Burgess says:

    Stop calling it ” Rape Clause” and concentrate on why this benefit is being restricted to just TWO children

  25. patrick newman says:

    May has a poor track record as Home Secretary. She took 3 goes to appoint chair of the CSE inquiry and it still did not succeed (Amber Rudd, however did) and what about immigration!. May is hoping to completely distort the election to only discuss what does not yet exist – Brexit negotiations. Not only is the economy wobbling but virtually all public services are in some sort of unmanageable crisis.

  26. I just hope that all the young people who have registered to vote will actually go that one step further & use it! I despair for this country under the Torys.

  27. Actually I think it would be better if NO-ONE voted. That would put the cat among the pigeons. Where would that leave us, constitutionally? It would certainly show how disillusioned and disengaged people are. I too have noted TM’s nasty spiteful glee when she rubbishes Jeremy Corbyn or Labour policies. And by the way, Mrs May, it’s not acceptable to say he’s ‘unfit to govern’ unless you can show why.

  28. David dickie says:

    Sin Scotland we have a declining population which we need to rectify by allowing people to stay and not to limit child benefit ,what applies in expanding England is not suited for declining Scotland we are not equal in this Union

  29. Too many people have forgotten (or didn’t know) that Theresa May “lost” 114 files of historic chid abuse when she was home secretary in 2014…that level of incompetence would normally be rewarded with the sack…but she was eventually promoted to the top job…Westminster’s corruption knows no bounds…absolutely scandalous!

  30. Robert Bruce says:

    Yes Tam paedophile allowers are the norm in westminster they all look after each other…this is alledgedly why Jill Dando was killed as she was going to expose all of the BBC paedos…

  31. TM is afraid to go on TV in a debate because she will be exposed for what she is. How is she going to go on negotiating with 27 European states if she can’t see off Corbyn and Sturgeon et al. If it wasn’t so scary it would be funny. A waste of oxygen.

  32. Theresa Mayhem has not actually lied about anything. She NEVER answers any questions so is not technically lying. I want to see her in a debate answering questions from the public and not questions she has permitted to be asked. Then we will all see how crap she is

  33. Bernard Little says:

    My Mum is in a nursing home. Her and my Dad were told home ownership was the best investment you could make. We are still being sold this dream. Herr house has been sold to pay for her care. Radio 4s “You and yours” told us on everage residential care costs £30,000 a year. Tens of thousands are in this position.
    Why are tory voters still voting Tory?

  34. I am not sure the witch of Westminster will make it to polling day. She looks worse and talks more gibberish by the day

  35. She may be useless in a debate and at doing anything other than spin, but you have to admire her gurning skills. She makes the late Les Dawson (hallowed be his name), look like a complete amateur.

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