Arron Banks’ bid to become the MP for Clacton hasn’t got off to the best of starts.

The millionnaire who has bankrolled the Tories, UKIP, the Leave.EU campaign – and is now threatening to start his own party called the Patriotic Alliance – is standing in the seat to settle a personal score with sitting MP Douglas Carswell, who is not seeking re-election.

Banks admitted as much in a car crash interview on BBC Radio Essex this week, when he conceded he knows “nothing” about the constituency.

Now he and his supporters have threatened the director of anti-racist campaign group Hope Not Hate, Nick Lowles, for daring to oppose them.

Lowles revealed on Twitter earlier today that the organisation will be pouring resources into Clacton in a bid to stop Banks becoming an MP.

In response, Banks claimed Britain’s foremost anti-fascist organisation were the “real fascists”:

And then his right-hand man, Andy Wigmore, (pictured above with one arm over Nigel Farage’s shoulder) waded in:

Lowles called the threat “seriously wrong and worrying”:

But said it wouldn’t stop him campaigning to keep Banks out of the Commons:

All we know is that Banks doesn’t live in Clacton…

Click here to read more about Hope Not Hate’s general election campaign and make a donation.



  1. Andy Wigmore, big man. What an embarrassment you and Banks are to our country. Just fuck off, preferably in a time machine to the Stone Age where you both belong.

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