Having demanded Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and the return of full sovereignty to the UK Parliament for decades, Nigel Farage has announced that he may not run in the first elections to a fully sovereign UK Parliament for decades – because the European Parliament is more important.

Farage, who has failed to win seven Parliamentary elections in six different constituencies, insisted it would be eighth time lucky if he stood on June 8.

But the serial election loser did not confirm whether he would stand, telling BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he had to “weigh it up.”

And, in the irony to end all ironies, he suggested that the European Parliament in Strasbourg might be more influential than the UK Parliament. He said:

“I’m still leading a group in the European Parliament, where of course ultimately there will be a veto over the whole Brexit deal and the negotiations will take place over the next two years.

“And I’ve got to weigh up, you know, where am I best to be in terms of having an impact on Brexit and perhaps warning the British public that it’s not going in the direction it should be. 

“Am I better off staying in Strasbourg or better off trying to go to Westminster?” 

Is he institutionalised or worried about setting the record for consecutive election losses?

  1. So the turncoat Farage is now pro EU. He couldn’t be any worse. I have greater faith in the EU government than the UK government do not believe that Farage should hold office in either.

  2. I think he’s got a point and would perhaps better serve our interests by keeping an eye on things from within the EU, at least until we finally come out, which may take at least two years.

  3. James Stonhold says:

    Nothing to do with the EU MEP salary , paid in Euros , having gone up as the Pound goes down against the Euro of course.

  4. Steven Julians says:

    Amazing how the politicians who are most against the EU are the ones who are first in the queue to trouser all the expensesvthey can, legitimate or otherwise. Yes, Nigel and Marine, we’re talking about you.

  5. Everything to do with that salary, that he has spent so little time earning by attendance. Does Dante’s ninth circle still have a space? Fingers crossed.

  6. Is he still having it off with that foreigner French Lassie, and has he ditched his German wife then?? for AN ANTI-EU he certainly likes to be around EU people, so what the ferk was that about Farage you knob???

  7. Remembering, of course, that this fellow, when asked “What if Brexit is a failure for the UK?” Responded “We’ll go abroad and live”. FFS!

  8. So he is sticking with a “crumbling” EU instead of the “Great” Britain he said Brexit would create. Charlatan, money grabbing, unprincipled charlatan

  9. Yes all of the above! Absolute hypocrite! Bastard! There aren’t any words bad enough to describe him! He should be kicked out of the European Parliament immediately! Loads of people will lose their jobs because of him so he should lose his!!! You just couldn’t make it up! He has made the UK even more of a laughing stock than ever … if that’s possible!

  10. Cliff Hanger says:

    I see the remain campaigners are still a little upset at losing the referendum.
    I fully support Nigel, he stood up against the largest con the world has ever seen. He alone stood up and told the EU parliament what he believed , and yes he should stay till the end and watch for back sliding. I would like to add that English teachers around the country must be so proud that their pupils have mastered such big words.

  11. Farage is more worried about his back pocket ie the money there’s no guarantee he would get elected in the UK crikey he’s had 7or 8 goes and failed each time he is a con man a shyster just like Trump and May strewth she was a remainer now she wants a hard Brexit I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could spit and if she gets back in it will make UKIP look like a benevolent party

  12. A lying stinking turd-weasel. He should be tried for High Treason after his years of undermining Britain in the EU.

  13. I can see that the majority of Brits ‘adore’ this chap but ask oneself, how did he get where he is? After achieving Brexit, he made an exit. His sweet words were what the majority fell for but actions speak louder than words! Unfortunately, some people were blind! Now, the damage has been done and they have to live with it but does he?

    €8,213: monthly MEP salary he will draw for next 2 years.
    €4,320: monthly general expenditure allowance he can draw
    €4,264: yearly travel expenses for travel outside UK, + travel expenses to and from EU parliament.
    €306: daily subsistence allowance available as long as he just shows up.
    20 YEARS: he’ll have completed as an MEP Whose members he said had ‘never done a proper job.’

  15. I can’t understand how this truly awful man still seems to have a following. He says he’s going to warn the British people if Brexit isn’t going to plan. What I find truly frightening is that there are still a few British people who will listen to him! After all the lies he’s told! It says something sinister about human nature.

  16. Many arse holes in here are really under cover ex Nazis , still banging on about Nigel Farage. Must be pissing them off really good. You can see the good guys don’t even visit here and blather in about a person that defends against those who want end our days as democratic, hmgood one Nigel keep on attacking the half wits .

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