The Daily Mail has felt it necessary to use the editorial in today’s edition to clarify that it was not advocating a slaughter of the 48% after its front page call to “crush the saboteurs”.

The headline was branded fascist by some, such as Guardian journalist Michael White:

While others pointed out the phrase had been used by Lenin when the Russian Constituent Assembly was dissolved in 1919:

It was even too much for Theresa May, who said she did not view opposition parties as “saboteurs”.

The Mail has sought to calm the situation today by clarifying: “For the avoidance of doubt, neither the PM no this loving paper proposes genocide.”

Good to know. Scrapbook reported yesterday how May treated Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre to dinner at Downing Street in October.

Perhaps May has had a word with her pal to ask him to tone down the fascism.

Just for now….

  1. Oh, sure.
    and in the 1930’s when the Daily Mail was pro-Hitler and denounced Geman Jews for complaining too much about the firm-but-fair treatment they were receiving from Herr Hitler’s sound administration. (and warned that too many of “them” were here as it was and they were only trying to get in as economic migrants). They weren’t suporting genocide there either.

  2. Frank murphy says:

    The Daily Mail is not interested in Truth but Profit. Therefore it seeks to articulate the prejudices of its readership by employing highly skilled journalists on high salaries to achieve its ends and very good they are too at feeding a perceived need for melodrama through the more unpleasant ‘isms’ – racism, sexism etc.

  3. The Daily Mail headlines disgust me. The paper actively sets out to promote division and hatred of anyone who dares to think differently from the rabid, racist views of it’s editorial staff. My mother always referred to it as “The Daily Liar” – a title that befits it still. I do not want the country to leave the EU but I don’t expect to be called a saboteur for thinking this way. Neither do I expect to “be crushed”.

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