After receiving a £70,000 fine for failing to properly declare election expenses, Tory chairman Patrick McLoughlin was already having a bad day at the office.

But he’s managed to make it even worse by attempting to snatch away the phone of a journalism trying to ask him about the Electoral Commission’s scathing report.

Sky reporter Darren McCaffrey described on Twitter how the MP “lashed out” when he was stopped near Parliament.

The video shows how McCaffrey had barely finished introducing himself before his phone was pushed towards the ground.

McLoughlin then ignores the reporters’ questions as he hurries back to the safety of Parliament.

The Tories are making a habit of these u-turns…

  1. Patrick Graham says:

    The statement he made was a bare faced lie –
    that they had assisted the Electoral commission in their investigation.
    The commission then promptly reminded us all that they had to go to court to get the Party to hand over relevant papers having resisted for months.

    So the reason he doesn’t like journalists is clear.
    Because he has been caught out in a lie, and a lie about what is probably a serious criminal act.

  2. He’s just reinforced the long held belief, that parliament is indeed the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  3. John Rattray says:

    Tories cannot run an election campaign within the law of the UK . They should be removed from power and a General Election held as every decision they make will be tainted by dishonest self serving.

  4. JBigglesworth says:

    I don’t usually channel Trump, but in this case, I’m willing to make an exception: “Lock them up!”

  5. Having defrauded the whole nation, clearly they don’t like being publicly exposed as the corrupt criminal fraudsters they are.

  6. It seems they engaged in illegal funding in over 20 constituencies. Since they’re majority is 15 doesn’t that mean they have no legal majority, no right to have founded a government and that everything they have done since the last election has no legal basis and should be rescinded? Like calling the Brexit vote

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