Theresa May was probably bracing herself for a difficult day at the dispatch box after her Government’s first budget u-turn – but Yvette Cooper really made her pay at PMQs.

Chancellor Philip Hammond was forced this morning to abandon his manifesto-breaking plan to raise tax on the self-employed – just a week after announcing it in the budget.

May had the humiliating task of confirming the colossal climbdown at PMQs. She tried to contain the embarrassment by getting the subject out of the way with a sugar coated first question from a Tory MP.

Fortunately, Cooper had kept her copy of the Treasury’s ‘red book’ and brought it along to PMQs. Here’s what happened next:


Even May and Hammond couldn’t help but smile at that one

Far too devastating for a witty reply, May could only shout unconvincingly about how she “welcomes the measures in the spring budget” while Cooper continued to point to the budget.

The Labour MP then moved her Tory trolling onto Twitter, where she helpfully posted photos of the black holes blown in the last two budgets.

After May’s skewering, Hammond has been summoned to the chamber for his own dressing down.

Someone buy the pair some flip flops – I think they need a holiday…

  1. Chris Kitcher says:

    Surely even die hard Tories must now realise that this bunch of idiots are way out of their depth. What a fu*king disaster Brexit will be with these incompetents in charge?

  2. Jeremy Corbyn failed miserably. Yvette Cooper, repeatedly outperformed Theresa May when she was Home Secretary and she was Shadow Home Secretary did it again. She showed Jeremy how it should be done. He’s useless. He cannot land a telling blow even when the Government, as incompetent as this one, are on the ropes. Yvette should be the leader asking questions at PMQs

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