Liam Fox took pantomime politics to a whole new level last night as he attempted to re-write history that he had already re-written.

A collective scream of “it’s behind you” could be heard emanating from front rooms across the country as the International Trade Secretary vehemently denied posting a controversial message – that was being displayed on a huge screen just over his left shoulder.

Host Sophie Ridge hadn’t even finished asking her first question about the statement when Fox interrupted with a “point of clarification.”

“I didn’t send that tweet. Number 2: It was taken from a speech I made about a year and a half ago I think by the Guardian. And it was an incomplete reference in any case. What I said was: Because Britain has always felt less emotionally attached to the European Union…because given our history we had never felt the need to bury the 20th century in a pan-European project. When you think about that argument as a whole, it’s a very different argument than a partial tweet put out by somebody else.”

You can see Dr Fox’s “partial tweet”, listen to his “whole argument” and judge for yourself by watching the full car crash interview below:


It has been pointed out by comedian David Schneider that this isn’t the first time Liam Fox has been caught telling a fib.

Who can forget Fox’s resignation as Defence Secretary in 2011, when he denied any wrongdoing over meetings with former flat mate and lobbyist Adam Werritty – before being found of breaking the ministerial code and being forced to resign in disgrace.

The latest episode might be funny if the entire UK’s trade wasn’t depending on him…

  1. He cannot even do a Trump properly! This in NOT the USA Fox RESIGN If May has any credibility she will sack him NOW. SCUMBAG!!!! Liar

  2. just think, a few thousand people vote for that lying piece of shit to represent them every four years.

    What does that say about the people of this country?

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