A Democratic party congressman was handcuffed in a stand-off with police at a protest against the planned deportation of a Mexican mother of six.

Luis Gutiérrez, a member of the US House of Representatives for Illinois, staged a five hour sit-in at immigration offices in Chicago yesterday.

He was leading a demonstration against a decision to deport 50 year old, Francisca Lino, who has lived in the US with her family for the past 18 years.

The politician, who has been arrested for civil disobedience before, captured national headlines in the US by documenting the dramatic events on his Twitter account.

It started when he arrived at around 10am for a meeting at the offices of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Chicago:

After failing to reach an agreement over their demands for an end to Trump’s crackdown on migrants, the Congressman and other supporters, including attorneys and a clergyman, announced they would not be leaving the building:

Shortly after that police arrived to warn them they would be arrested if they did not leave the building:

The congressman reported about an hour later that he had been “arrested”:

But he said they were released shortly afterwards:

So they continued the sit-in into the afternoon:

The politician called off the protest shortly before the offices were due to close and went outside to address the waiting press pack:

Later the congressman gave a full account from inside the protest to news channel CNN.




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