The latest episode of the Ukip death star’esq implosion has been playing out live on social media, with donor Arron Banks announcing he’s been suspended from the party – and vowing to take his revenge by bankrolling a right-wing rival.

The social media saga comes just two weeks after Scrapbook reported how Banks was demanding to be made Ukip chairman because the party was being “run like a squash club.”


It began this morning when Banks wrote:

He suggested it was connected to his criticism of the party under leader Paul Nuttall:

But journalists pointed out that Nuttall said last month that Banks was no longer a member of UKIP:

A Ukip spokesman clarified that Banks’ membership lapsed on New Year’s Day and said: “It would not be possible to suspend Mr Banks from something of which he is not a member.”

Banks then released the following statement through Leave.EU:

Apart from the tongue-in-cheek apology to squash clubs, it’s notable for finishing with a veiled threat to his former colleagues about his plans for a “new movement.”

He outlined his vision for a new party in this interview with Andrew Marr in July:

“If you look at our Leave.EU campaign, we had nearly a million online followers. The social media reached out to nearly 15 million people a week and we had tremendous reach. Our database has got something like 40,000 Conservative party members on it and albeit the Conservative party is a dying membership – it’s only got 100,000 members. You contrast that to Labour with 500,000, I think there’s a huge opportunity for a different type of party.

“Perhaps more direct democracy. The elite have hated the referendum because it took the power away from them and actually I think this has been a wonderful thing. So actually the idea of more referenda and going down the Swiss model would be fantastic.”

He likened the project to Star Wars episode VII on Twitter:

But before you start worrying about this new Rebel Alliance, Banks also claimed in the same interview that “Ukip will be back with a vengeance” if Theresa May became Tory leader and predicted Ukip could take 30 to 40 seats from Labour.

Less of a New Hope and more a Rogue One if you ask us…

  1. Chris Bergin says:

    Oooops……. Now who actually gives a damn after the havoc that has already ensued, how much worse can it actually get? The lunatics already rule the asylum!

  2. Chris Kitcher says:

    It’s about time we looked at our political system especially when a person with more money than sense, Banks, and a person with no sense, Farage, can leave the UK in its current mess.

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