Donald Trump has delayed his visit to the UK in the hope that protests and anger against him dies down later on.

The Sun reports this morning that the orange-faced buffon has pencilled in a visit around mid-October, after the Tory party confrence.

They agreed to postpone it until the Autumn in a bid for the controversy of his attempted travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim countries to die down.

An October visit also means Trump’s cherished hope of seeing the Queen at her Scottish retreat of Balmoral is much more likely. […]

A senior government source said: “Trump still really wants to come this year, but he wants the heat to die down a bit first.”


They think Trump will be less controversial by October this year.

Plus, holding it during recess means he won’t have to worry about getting snubbed by John Bercow, as Parliament will be in recess.

Doesn’t matter when Trump comes here – the protests will be large and noisy

  1. He wants to visit the Queen at Balmoral so he can manipulate her to visit his golf course near Aberdeen, his perfect publicity stunt. More pictures for his bragging wall and good for his business. Though of course it’s not his business now, is it!

  2. Chris Kitcher says:

    You can delay his visit until the end of time. This Orange Fart will never ever be welcomed in the UK.

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