George Osborne might have been sacked as Chancellor nine months ago, but the poor and vulnerable are still paying the price for the decisions he took during his six years in Number 11 Downing Street.

And a whole raft of extra cuts announced by Osborne in the 2015 summer budget will enter into force from tomorrow.

We’ve put together this timeline of pain, showing how many people will be effected and how much they will lose, based on research by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG).

Cut 1: Housing benefit for young people

When: Tomorrow

Who will lose what: 18 to 21 year olds will lose their automatic entitlement to housing benefit

How much: £35 million

Cut 2: Employment and support allowance

When: Monday April 3

Who will lose what: New Employment Support Allowance claimants, deemed to be fit to do work-related activity, will lose £1,510 a year.

How much: £350 million

Cut 3: Two child benefit limit 

When: Thursday April 6

Who will lose what: New claimants to Universal Credit, child tax credits and housing benefit will not receive support for any more than two children. It will affect more than 500,000 families by 2019 and mean they will lose £2,780 for each ineligible child. CPAG says it “breaks the link between need and support” in the benefits system and will push up to another 200,000 families into poverty. 

How much: £1.2 billion

Cut 4: Child tax credit family element and first child element in Universal Credit

When: Thursday April 6

Who will lose what: Both benefits are being scrapped for new claimants. It will leave 970,000 families £545 a year poorer by 2019.

How much: £540 million

Cut 5: Bereavement benefits 

When: Thursday April 6

Who will lose what: The new “bereavement support payment” will mean 91% of bereaved parents will be supported for a shorter time and 75% will receive less money – by £12,000 a year for the average working parent.

How much: £100 million

In total that’s more than £2.1 billion worth of benefit cuts affecting hundreds of thousands of people landing in the next week.


But don’t expect to read about it in the Evening Standard…

  1. Absolute scum that targeted the most vulnerable.

    Anyone who votes for this shower of sh*t party need to seriously question their morales

    And just how much of a sociopath they are.

  2. Richard Thornton says:

    Well tory voters and supporters are you rubbing your greedy hands with glee. Do you all think that these I’ll gotten gains will end up in your swollen piggy banks. Shame on you all and stop laughing.

  3. Evil scum bag well this tory Gvt are evil lost touch with reality deluded get rid of them a revolution is coming

  4. The less they give to electorate the more they have for them and their business chums……daylight robbery is what it is….no morals or conscience….must get them out!!

  5. If they had avoided splashing trident at the tune of 120 billions or more, they would have the money to pay these benefits for 60 years, but they had to protect our way of life (homelessness, food banks, crumbling NHS, privatised schools, unaffordable universities, 3rd world roads, the list is endless). Where are taxes going? I despise these bastards.

  6. These cuts are a direct attack on working people and families who are already being affected by pay restraints, austerity and crippling rents . The tory government and their supporters lack a moral compass they are attacking the working class at every opportunity – look out for the reintroduction of the work/poor house.

  7. Are we really surprised what the CONS are doing to the poorest and the most vulnerable of our country, when will we say enough is enough and actually show some balls and take these parasites on…….

    They only care for the most

  8. Allan Hellewell says:

    Cant find where it says ‘ we will stop paying child allowance for children overseas ‘

  9. Always happens with a Conservitive government!! Quite agree With Elizabeth, when are the people of this country going to fight back. ?

  10. There killing us poor people back to the days of Hitler condem the weak and vulnerable may as well line up and be shot now

  11. Fight back by stop voting for this Tory scum ,get them out ,now folk might understand why Scotland wants indepedence

  12. Someone must be voting them in…they have so much majority…they’ve robbed the 1950’s born women of £36.000 each by robbing them of their Pension, some of them are living on £25.00 a week, so benefits are not that bad !!!

  13. What about the bedrooms tax people are being made to leave the home they have lived in for years due to these cutbacks it needs to stop

  14. This is awful, how can they treat vulnerable people this way and then justify the pay rises being given to M Ps. I could cry it is so unfair…

  15. Fucking cunts, only thinking of themselves, hurting the innocent and ill someone should pour bleach and hot water on the houses of parliament maybe we can rid ourselves of parasites this way.

  16. David Watson says:

    I paid into a national insurance for over 30 years in the mindset it may provide some help should illness etc effect my life. Well now it has and I feel I am being treated as an expired utensil Having to fight for the basic ESA when I cannot walk more than 20 yards unaided can’t lift arms above shoulder height etc etc, yes there are people worse than me, and god do I feel for them. Why did I pay, sorry forced to pay, into NI for all those years ? It’s time people woke up and knew it will NOT help if you fall ill and get over the mindset of “why should I pay to keep the lazy ones housed,fed and smoke and have mobile phones etc etc etc” wake up,you are supposed to be paying for you if something happens, when we all realise this and see what could happen the Tories will have to listen to the sick, the poor etc and help us.

  17. Scrap this government’s vanity projects and there would be plenty of money for the NHS, Social Services, Education, etc. etc. Do we really need to get to Birmingham 20 minutes faster?? Do we need state of the art nuclear deterrents so that we can be in the biggest and best club of nuclear warfare? Where are your priorities, Conservatives???

  18. Roger Derecourt says:

    As an elderly person I remember when the Tories were as considerate as Labour to peoples needs but that was 50years ago The British people have had years of poor governments of both parties neither of whom would take
    decisions which could lose them votes. Our state industries have mostly been sold off just one example railways the most expensive in Europe but now has more state subsidies than when it was state owned. Our Labour Party led by someone of genuine beliefs but completely inadequate to lead is where the Labour Party arrived following Tony Blair who has made more money than some small countries not to mention houses. The Conservative party lead by David Cameron had a cabinet mostly Public school backgrounds whose knowledge of issues facing most people I venture to say was non existent. So today extreme social measures coming into force from the Tories which should make most people ashamed of the UK
    What comes next I don’t know Hope someone statesmanlike appears.

  19. The more times they get voted in the worse it will get if the Thatcher nightmare is any thing to go by and especially when they know they don’t have a credible opposition.

  20. We did not elect Theresa May as PM, so we should have had another General Election. The Tories are and always will be the Worst Political Party in the last 40 years. They attack the ill and disabled in drastic welfare cuts, introduced the bedroom tax and deprived people of there homes they have lived in for decades. Your home is not your home, the Tories have seen to that. They have privatised the now failing NHS, failed our Education system and spend millions on foreign aid and billions on weapons of mass destruction and when have they ever looked after our elderly population. I will never vote Tory……Never.

  21. I have No faith in the Tories what’s so ever.
    We need another General Election… This Country needs a people person for the people. I don’t trust labour either. The only party that in my view could lead Britain forward is UKIP…

  22. Makes me boil when people vote Tory.. Wait till your ill and disabled, need an ambulance or Hospital treatment, loose your job and try and claim benefits, then will you reap this Tory destruction.

  23. They let.all.the refugees have benefit and housing before r people who have pay in to this country for 40 years to be fuck by r government and if you get ill health you r fuck horrible bastards

  24. The majority of these comments are from left wing labour voters no doubt, who apparently despise the idea of sending our money to foreign countries…do you not realise how hypocritical this is ? Absolutely nonsensical, If labour were ever elected again (god forbid) we’d have no fucking money left whatsoever! Why should 18-21 year olds receive housing benefit? I can’t stand George Osbourne, however, my reasons are valid & not hypocritical. As labour voters you can’t on one hand want to help EVERYBODY in the world & on the other moan when your own country is suffering.

  25. i agree with everything that has been said . but who can we trust to put in there place not even labour can be trusted with there potty policy’s when they get in power every thing goes up blair/brown

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