What is it Snowy? What have you found? Oh, it’s a poster telling us exactly what top EU officials think about the strength of Theresa May’s hand in forthcoming exit negotiations.

This satirical mock-up of a Tintin comic cover was spotted hanging framed in the meeting room of the European Council’s Brexit task force, the Telegraph has reported.

The image found its way into the corridors of power in Brussels after being posted online in January by Remain supporters frustrated with the Tories insistence on hard Brexit.

Aside from being the most Belgian way possible to sum up the mess we’re in, it tells us a lot about where the power will lie in negotiations – over issues like trade tariffs and freedom of movement – that can begin when Theresa May formally triggers Article 50 on March 29.

Some in the EU believe Britain has such a small chance of staying afloat outside the EU, a future UK government may well be forced to send up a distress flare.

“If the ship is sinking, is it not only natural to call for rescue?” one EU diplomatic source told the Telegraph. “We are still not giving up hope that the United Kingdom decides not to leave us.”

Perhaps they read Scrapbook’s account of the astonishing answers (“when we’ve finished making the lego blocks, we’ll build the house”) given to MPs about Britain’s future outside the EU by Brexit Secretary David Davies.

While we’re on metaphors for Brexit, we can think of a few more fitting Tintin comic titles: The(resa May’s) Broken Ear, Prisoners of the Sun, and Black Island.

As Captain Haddock would say, it’s Blistering Brexit Balderdash!


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