Brexit Secretary David Davis has had a very tough time answering straight forward questions from MPs on the future of the UK.

Davis had high hopes for his second appearance in front of the Commons’ Brexit committee. At the outset of the heading he told MPs:

“I do my job based on facts, research, data and analysis, and operational planning and, off the back of that, I will give answers that are accurate and that are factual. Not throw away lines.”

But things got off to a bad start when David was forced to admit that the Government has made no economic assessment of the impact of leaving the EU without a trade a deal – despite Theresa May saying: “No deal would be better than a bad deal.”

And things went down hill from there…

Pressed on why the Government has not made an assessment of the economic impacts of leaving the EU without a trade deal, he said:

“All of these things are being done piece by piece. When we’ve finished making the lego blocks, we’ll build the house.”

The Brexit bill is set to receive Royal Assent within days, but David said it will take a little longer to work out the economic impact:

“I can’t quantify it for you in detail yet, I may well be able to do so in about a year’s time.” 

Asked again whether he has personally made an assessment of the impact of leaving the EU without a deal, he said:

“I have a fairly clear view of how it will all work out. I just don’t quantify it yet.” 

He continued:

“You don’t have to have a piece of paper with a number on it to have an economic assessment.” 

But he calmed nerves by adding:

“I spent most of my working life before I came into politics dealing in business. You often knew what was a good deal even though you didn’t have the numbers.” 

The lack of “facts, research, data and analysis, and operational planning” speak for themselves…

  1. Ian Stevenson says:

    if we have, as we told, full employment and low productivity, how will we expand our exports to the rest of the world, when we will lose some of the exports to the EU? Secondly, the value of the euro has risen from around 77p in 2007 to around 87p today. If devaluation was the way to selling more exports, why are we still behind Germany in exports to the rest of the world?
    There are many questions for which we have few answers.

  2. Chris Kitcher says:

    Why oh why have we got an ex squady in such a vital position. If he had been any good in the business world he would have stayed there. Instead he took the option that all failures like him take and entered politics. And we have to pay the price for his incompetence.

  3. patrick newman says:

    We can now see why May wanted to cut Parliament out of the Article 50 issue. After the omni-shambles 2.0 of yesterday we also can see why she did not wish to disclose her negotiating position – because DD is out of his depth and up spreadsheet creek without a paddle.

  4. Contrary_to_the_grounswell_of_support_shown_above_[NOT],_I_have_great_faith_in_DD._He_calls_a_spade_a_spade,_gives_straight_answers_-_and_is_unphased_by_puerile_comment,_or_red-herrings_-_most_refreshing_cf_the_majority_of_current_politicians._Just_a_pity_his_boss_left_him_with_a_foolish_throw-away_line_to_carry._I’m_sure_he_recognises_that_’no-deal’_is_not_a_tenable_status,_with_which_to_leave_the_table_and_that_negotiations_must_continue_until_at_least_a_viable_and_robust_foundation_for_development_is_agreed._I_think_he’ll_have_a_strategy_and_tactics_for_those_countries_with_the_short-sighted_view_that_this_is_an_opportunity_to_spite_UK_and_extract_some_cash._[Apologies_for_the_underscores_-_my_spacebar_is_foobar]

  5. Pete Hollerbach says:

    Time will tell who is up the creek without a paddle once the EU stops receiving the billions from us it will fall apart end of ,As for the ex army officer he’s got more balls than you miserable lot !!!!

  6. hate to tell you this pete but the tories pointing at the eu while stealing everything that moves is exactly the point, its a con dear boy.

  7. one day pete we will get the pensioners to sit down and explain why they are obsessed with the idea that all their problems come from the eu

  8. Talk to people that have been involved in Brussells and you soon get the picture.
    Leaving will be painful but staying, ultimately, worse.

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