Multiple UKIP supporters have been caught make false claims about Labour’s campaign in Stoke, in the hope it will boost party leader Paul Nuttall.

Nuttall himself is under severe pressure after being caught making false claims on his website about the Hillsborough disaster.

But not much attention has been paid to UKIP’s own Twitter fans.

On Saturday the official Twitter account for UKIP claimed they had a big turnout for Nuttall in Stoke.


Except, that picture was taken in Bolton, as several people pointed out.

That isn’t all.

UKIP supporters have also been doctoring pictures on Twitter






One now claims his tweet was a spoof, and the latter has protected his account (Political Scrapbook reached out to him for comment). Screenshots were taken by @saggydaddy on Twitter.

UKIP are so desperate they are making stuff up!

It wouldn’t be the first time

  1. Andrew Wallace says:

    UKIP making stuff up nothing new there and after all they have big shoes to fill with the lies that the leave faction told as well as the broken promises and lies of the Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and UKIP alliance of Unionists during the Independence referendum. Oh, don’t forget the Tory Broadcasting Company formerly the BBC

  2. This is typical UKIP propeganda.
    How anyone can be taken in by these pathological liars beggars belief.
    Unfortunately, there must be an Abundance of Stupidity”

  3. It seems any deceit goes these days. No wonder Jeremy Corbyn lost and is called ‘unpopular’ and yet has the most members ever.

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