The leader of UKIP got ridiculed today after admitting he made up claims about losing closing friends in the Hillsborough disaster.

As the Guardian reported today:

In a post in 2012 about attempts to block publication of files relating to the disaster, Nuttall wrote: “Without them being made public we will never get to the bottom of that appalling tragedy when 96 Liverpool fans including close personal friends of mine lost their lives.”

In an interview with Liverpool’s Radio City News on Tuesday, however, Nuttall denied making the claim.

But when the presenter, Dave Easson, who was at Hillsborough on the day of the disaster, showed him the evidence that the claim had been made on his website, Nuttall replied: “I haven’t lost a close, personal friend. I’ve lost someone who I know.”

Nuttall then suggested that he was not responsible for the statement, saying: “I’m sorry about that, but that is something … I haven’t put that out. That is wrong.”

That claim was on his website until this afternoon.

How sick do you have to be to use such a big tragedy for personal gain?

Here is the video

It took no time for people on social media to ridicule Nuttall over the incident.



The Bowling Green Massacre of course never happened, hence the joke.

It was an incident invented by the White House spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway.


What a plonker

  1. Don’t knock it. Look where lies have got Donald Trump. Perhaps the Russians will help clueless UKIP in the same way they have put Putin’s poodle into the White House.

  2. The man should be put in the SUN class utter disgrace,and the shocking fact he is from that great city that sums up some of the people in politics, has no shame

  3. Will some journalist – Michael Crick perhaps – ask Paul Nuttall which of the 96 was his friend, close or not.

    After all there can be no possible reason for not naming who it might be – the names are public.

  4. All out to get UKIP. Labour luvvies you should look at the dirt in your own eye before you start to find dirt in Paul Nuttall’s. Same old, Same old and its to be expected, and is shown clearly that labour is very worried indeed. Weve seen only a couple of wks ago. I Diane Abbott blatantly lie about pathetic migraine heads which I am a suffer of, and I have to still carry on. You all really are sad people.Far worse things have happened in all parties ! Real scandal that seems to all have bee forgotten suddenly.

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