After Nigel Farage opened the floodgates on Douglas Carswell last night, the dam has well and truly burst.

This morning the UKIP donor Arron Banks said he will run against Douglas Carswell at the next election.

We’ll say it now – Banks is going to lose. Embarrassingly badly.

But under whose banner will he run? UKIP? This is the same Arron Banks that Paul Nuttall had to distance himself from over Hillsborough.

Would Nuttall survive a challenge to his North West MEP seat if he’s seen standing next to Arron Banks again?

Meanwhile, Banks has issued a list of reasons why he should be chair of UKIP.

Here is that bonkers list in a letter from Banks to Nuttall:


That’s exactly what UKIP needs – a return of Farage!

If Paul Nuttall ignores it, he will lose a big donor and create a new enemy.

If he goes along with it, he will effectively hand over control of UKIP to Banks.

Meanwhile, another UKIP MEP today took aim at Carswell this morning.

Nuttall has reportedly called in Carswell for a meeting this afternoon.

After that Stoke disaster UKIP are heading straight for the ditch.

And not a moment too soon either

  1. Stephen Jopling says:

    What are UKIP trying to achieve? If they would let people know their agenda we might vote for them. Though, not while Paul Nuttall is their leader.

  2. Chris Kitcher says:

    What are UKIP trying to achieve? To be the foremost party in appealing to all the mindless, xenophobic, racist idiots that currently infect our country.

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