A UKIP chair who quit the party today said he blamed party donor Arron Banks more for ‘angering people’ with his comments.

UKIP Merseyside chair Adam Heatherington resigned this morning as controversy over Paul Nuttall’s claims about Hillsborough rumbled on.

He told the BBC’s World at One:

There has been anger yeah, and it’s inevitable. And it’s Arron Banks’s comments that have basically angered people, because of what he said. He said it was an accident, it was getting milked.

It’s a total disregard for the victims and the families and the people of Liverpool and Merseyside as a whole really. And that’s what I think has angered people.

Banks stepped in to defend Paul Nuttall after the latter’s gaffe, but put his foot in his mouth.



Heatherington reiterated to the BBC this afternoon:

It was the Arron Banks’s remarks that I cannot put up with.

Banks has been a major donor to UKIP in recent years, and is close to Nigel Farage.

He was also the principal donor to Leave.EU, which campaigned for Brexit.

Not only has Banks refused to apologise, but Farage continues to defend him.

And Paul Nuttall has refused to say anything on the matter.

Looks like Nuttall has a crisis on his hands

  1. UKIP is the only political party which speaks up for the people.

    Aaron Banks is our main donor. And it is a case of he who pays the piper calls the tune. Farage and Nuttall both know which side their bread is buttered. Aaron Banks has just put in writing what we have all been saying for years. We just want the scouser’s to stop whingeing and going on about Hillsborough. Tough. Life’s a bitch. Get over it..

  2. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. Aaron Banks funds Farage, Nutall and all the other looney’s who make up UKIP. Weak, spineless leaders who won’t challenge the man who writes the cheques. They will be even more reliant on him when, in two years, time they lose their tax payer funded skive in the European Parliament.

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