UKIP’s candidate in Copeland has made Paul Nuttall’s day worse – by blaming the media for apparently ‘dredging up’ his comments about Hillsborough.

You’ll note that Nuttall has been under fire since yesterday afternoon, after it emerged he had falsely claimed he had lost friends in the Hillsborough disaster.

Nuttall then dug a deeper hole by blaming his staff for the error.


But Fiona Mills, UKIP’s candidate in Copeland, has breathed new life into the controversy. She told a reporter today:

Paul is doing really well in Stoke. The media are dredging up old stories, anything to discredit him…

He would never knowingly deceive anybody and I think this is just appalling to dredge this up.

I know Paul quite well and he’s upset about this. He didn’t know that was on his website. You can’t keep track of absolutely everything.

He’s been honest enough to say actually what was written there was wrong.

Did Paul Nuttall know about the time he claimed to be “a survivor of the Hillsborough disaster”?


Paul Nuttall has now taken his entire website offline.

Wonder why

  1. The most articulate liars are often most adept with plausible explanations.

    Only persistent digging away, searching for the genuine truth, might eventually deter the more scurrilous of opportunists.

    And……if the truly shocking thing happens, and ‘those who are suspect’ are eventually found to have been ‘clean, honest and proven to be totally free of all ‘unfair allegations’ by independent Tribunal, then maybe the rest of us will have learned a valuable lesson.

    Mud sticks.

    Let the accused prove his/her innocence to a standard we can all accept.

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