A group calling themselves ‘UKIP Christian soldiers’ are warned Christians that they are  ‘committing treason against God’ if they don’t support Brexit.

Leaflets circulating at the UKIP spring conference today warned Christians that

Bible believing Christians who support Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) are committing spiritual treason against almighty god and his kingdom.

The Christian Soldiers in UKIP also held a fringe event titled ‘Is Trump Right’

Last week tabloid newspapers were outraged to report that Stoke Central’s Muslim voters were warned they will go to hell if they do not vote Labour.

But its highly unlikely they’ll report the UKIP Christian Soldiers pamphlets with the same outrage.

The leaflet was highlighted on Twitter



Are UKIP going to explain themselves over this?

  1. As Paul Nuttall says: ‘In the Beginning was the Word. And the Word was God. But I didn’t write the Word, it was my press secretary and she’s offered to resign. But I don’t want lose her because I’ve lost too many people already, like the close personal friends I lost at Maine Road, no, I tell a lie, Roker Park. No, hang on, it was somewhere up north, er, ……………’

  2. In one headline, UKIP have demonstrated why I will never support their cause. Believers can commit blasphemy against their God or heresy against their religion. Treason can only be committed against your government or your country. If they are too thick to understand the words or cannot be bothered to find a dictionary, they should not be surprised that many of us will revile them for the bigotry and ignorance that they display.

  3. “The simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play”. So said Jonathan Aitken, the Tory MP, serial liar and supposed Christian who was jailed for perjury and who was also willing to let his daughter lie on oath if she’d come to the stand.

  4. Barbara Hastings says:

    Oh dear. Where to start? UKIP so desperate that they need to resort to this nonsense. Support or opposition to BREXIT has nothing to do with Christianity.
    I doubt God gives a **** as to whether we’re in EU or not.

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