Newspaper reports of a mass sexual-assault by refugees and migrants in Frankfurt, Germany, on News Years Eve were ‘completely made up’ it has emerged.

The claims were made just days ago in a right-wing German tabloid and repeated in the Daily Express in the UK.

The Daily Express alleged that a ‘mass sex attack’ by over 900 drunk refugees led to women being sexually harassed.

It even had the same quotes as the German tabloid (Bild) that first run the false story:

One of the victims, Irina A., 27, said: “I can be happy that I wore sheer tights. They [the migrants] grabbed me under the skirt, between my legs, my breasts, everywhere. […]

Local pub owner Jan Mai said: “When I came in, the whole place was full with a group of around 50 Arabs. They did not speak German, drank our guests’ drink and danced towards them. The women asked me for help because they were being attacked. The mood changed completely.”

But the quotes were fabricated and the story was made up.

German police looked into the incident and say the allegations are “without foundation” and are investigating those who claimed to witness the incident.

The story was also deleted from the Bild’s website and its online editor in chief apologised for it yesterday.

The police told the press:

The interrogations of the witnesses, guests, and staff have created considerable doubts about the portrayal of events. […] A person allegedly affected by the actions was not in the city at all when the crime occurred.

But the Express is still carrying the story on its website and didn’t even bother checking its veracity.

(UPDATE: The Express has now changed the headline, to reflect the police denial, and some of the story text.)

This isn’t the first time a right-wing media outlet has run a story on crime by refugees that turned out to be false.

The far-right conspiracy site Breitbart falsely claimed that Muslim migrants had set alight Germany’s oldest church.

Other outlets have claimed a refugee who took a selfie with Angela Merkel had links to terrorists – a claim that also turned out to be false.

This is more than just misinformation, it is active hate-mongering

  1. The right name for this is ‘Propaganda’. Innuendo and lies – a speciality of the Rightwing Politics of last century adopted to bolster the ego and malice of those who hate…

  2. No surprise this is, and it is typical of the nasty hatemongering rhetoric of the Daily Express, they want hauling over the coals over it!

  3. In Germany we say the BILD tabloid only consists of “fear, hate, tits and the weather” … that pretty much sums it up!

  4. @G Ratcliffe: Before quoting Wikipedia, check the corroborating sources in the article – the one you’ve quoted is borderline in terms of meeting permissibility as it quotes directly from press articles and then references them as the evidence for the fact that they present being correct.

  5. siefuddin – no, not necessarily. The New Years eve one was much worse than this, and some cultures are just shit, I’m afraid. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that, for example, a culture which endoreses beheading people in staia and throwing gays off buildings is not to be encouraged. An extreme example, yes. But it’s undeniable that many of these refugees (so-called) come from countries with backwards views of women. And it shows.

  6. Emmett O'Reilly says:

    You are promoting FAKE NEWS, you are a FAKE NEWS SITE. Everyone reading this, just fact-check, it’s a total fabrication.

  7. Youdontneedtoknowmyname says:

    Errm. Daily Express, owned by R Desmond, a man who banned kettles in his own offices after tripping over one but was quite happy to spread blatant lies about the EU seemingly banning kettles. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Mr Desmond’s class. Or lack of it.

    if you believe anything you read in the Express or his other cheap porno advertisments, sorry. The Daily Star, you’ll never want for moon cheese.

  8. So these are the Cologne attacks of 2016 reported again by a lazy/desperate/crap newspaper. But we should remember that it still happened in Cologne, was unreported, and is terrifying.

  9. When I grow up, I want to be a refugee. Maybe I am one now. Do people see themselves as refugees. I just think its an arbitrary label and dividing line between the two. Homeless people who were born “Here” are refugees of a sort. Unemployed people are refugees. I’m saying that everyone could be a refugee in some sense because finding refuge is what people do to stay sane.

  10. I’m getting fed up of people accepting and sharing this far right clap trap. I’d consider myself right-leaning but with dips into the left wing – probably like a lot of people. But a lot of people are being directed to believe they are hard-right and that everyone who isn’t is a ‘terrible’ ‘libtard’ etc. Its a mess. I’d like to think getting people to stop reading the Express and Mail might enlighten people, but they’re just completely misdirected and brainwashed by the “facts” aka lies aka “Fake News” shared on Facebook and liked without thought. Whats the answer? How do we stop the far right controlling the thoughts of people who aren’t actually far right?!

  11. I think most people realise, and understand, that the print media in the UK is an ultra right-wing, fascist cabal that hate anything or anyone who is not an establishment supporting type. They will print anything that makes up a sensationalist headline, indeed they rely on people only reading the headline and not questioning the veracity of the message. Big headlines, small quotes to pass on to others.

  12. I note that the latest version of the Express story (which seems to carry a headline about the police denial of the original story now) has comments disabled.. I guess they didn’t like the comments they were getting lol.

  13. “Incitement to hatred” sounds like the wooliest crap I’ve ever heard.
    It’s like, not only should the emotion of hatred be illegal, but anyone who says anything that might possibly maybe lead to it, should also be illegal.
    And of course, only white people can feel hate, so only white people are criminalised by the criminalisation of hatred.
    Next it’ll be “incitement to the incitement of offensive feelings” that the left are railing against and baying to be criminalised.

  14. To their great credit, the Independent and the Guardian and the BBC refused to run the story of refugees assaulting women when they saw the reports.

  15. ‘The far-right conspiracy site Breitbart falsely claimed that Muslim migrants had set alight Germany’s oldest church.’

    This was laughable. Didn’t Breitbart know that the church Muslims set (briefly) alight was Dortmund’s oldest church, not Germany’s?

    Doesn’t Breitbart check the basic facts?

  16. ‘The far-right conspiracy site Breitbart falsely claimed that migrants had set alight Germany’s oldest church.’

    This was laughable. Didn’t Breitbart know that the church that was set (briefly) alight was Dortmund’s oldest church, not Germany’s?

    Doesn’t Breitbart check the basic facts?

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