Two senior members of UKIP have resigned this morning in protest over UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s claims about Hillsborough, and more are expected to go.

The UKIP chairmen have gone just days before the by-election in Stoke where Nuttall is running to be its MP.

The chair of UKIP’s Liverpool branch and the chair of the Merseyside branch both resigned, calling his comments “upsetting” and citing his “unprofessional approach and crass insensitivity”.

They also questioned whether he is “fit to lead” the party, reports the BBC.

The controversy erupted last week after it emerged that Nuttall had falsely claimed on his website he had lost “close friends” at the Hillsborough disaster.

Nuttall blamed a press officer for the mistake, even though a press statement had been sent out in his name five years ago.

Radio 4’s Today programme reported that more resignations from UKIP were expected as the controversy rumbled on.

At the UKIP Spring conference over the weekend, Nuttall chose to blame the media instead, calling it a “cruel smear campaign”.

The party and its leader haven’t responded to the resignations yet.

Looks like UKIP are about to have another leadership contest

  1. Perhaps Farage can recommend ‘Nutters’ as Chump’s Chief of Security? He’s familiar with ‘alternative facts’.

  2. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Paul Nuttall claimed the lies by Paul Nuttall were wrong and promptly resigned and then unresigned saying “I decided to give myself a second chance as I was only a mistake when my parents condom broke while they were fighting at the battle of Hastings as as such can not be expected to be held accountable for my own lies as it was not me who made them, but my other self who has now been admonished.” His other self said “bollocks he’s a lying tw^t” in response.

  3. You just can not trust these people . Once again This party will be take us back to early sixty when hatred was a common place for all immigrants and yet all parties if the truth is known enjoy the diversity of rich cultural mix we have now. All contributing to economy and harmony to enrich everyone’s’ life.

  4. Is this any way to treat a Doctor, who played International football for Tranmere Rovers, and was a war hero? Still, at least after being crucified, we can be sure he will rise again in three days!

  5. Be careful detractors. Paul Nuttall has name recognition in the forthcoming by- election in Stoke Central. Which is more than can be said of the other candidates.

    UKIP like Trump don’t care about the truth. They want the media spotlight. They are in the news day after day and pander to those voters who are bigots and racists. They have no principles. They are looking for the next gravy train before the UK exits Europe in two years time. In Liverpool we know them for what they are. Opportunist charlatans. Straight out of the same movement that delivered Trump the Presidency.

  6. Who does “Britain against Britain First” support politically as a matter of interest? Incredible that the press around UKIP lies are held up as worse than ALL the lies and deceptions spewed out by Labour and Tory ministers over the generations they have been in existence. Clearly, those lies are GOOD lies in their minds! “Trump don’t care about the truth”, inferring Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May DO care about the truth! ALL politicians are liars! Get over it.

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