Trump’s campaign are hoping to bring American cheerleaders to accompany him to his trip to Britain, to ensure he isn’t left saddened by protests.

The idea was floated by a Trump advisor in discussion with the Foreign Office, which is mulling how to avoid large protests against the US President.

One of the ideas floated to the Telegraph was moving the trip from London to Birmingham.

Venues such as the National Exhibition Centre are being considered in the hope that people outside London will be more receptive to the president and the event would be easier to police.

The idea that Birmingham would be more receptive to Trump than London is an amusing fantasy, but let’s just indulge it for now.

It then gets surreal.

Under plans for the Trump rally, cheerleaders from America’s National Football League would perform.

The Tories and Trump are desperate for anything to protect his fragile ego

  1. Maybe to ensure a supportive audience he could bring say 50,000 bigoted rednecks with him to fill a modest stadium. That way he would be assured of an audience. Of course we would need to subject them to extreme vetting first to ensure that none had convictions relating to weapons, violence or racist activity. It would be good business for our tourist industry.
    I doubt many of our citizens would wish to welcome this boorish wart.

  2. Keith – while I don’t doubt for a minute that people from the Southern states voted heavily for Trump, he wouldn’t have won without support from across America.

  3. Berxit Central says:

    A Trump Troop beach landing, using amphibious craft, at Bournemouth with Nigel Fartage as commander in chief? “We will shite them in our breeches.”

  4. Maybe all national leaders could follow this trend perhaps the Australian prime minister bringing the Foster lager girls etc? Really it is so scary that this man’s life continues to be experienced through the false world of ‘realitytv’ and winning televised competitions. I am so frightened because this egotistic spawn of celebrity tv has so much power.

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