Tory MPs and the Telegraph newspaper, desperate to please Donald Trump after last week’s embarrassing ban, are still taking aim at John Bercow.

Since the Speaker said last week he would not be inviting the US President to address the House of Commons, he has set off a storm of criticism from Tory MPs.

But Tory MPs are largely powerless to do anything about Bercow, except perhaps make trouble for him.

And of course the Telegraph newspaper, which has never been a big fan of the Speaker, is feeding those trouble-makers.

Ministers will be free to back a vote of no confidence against the House of Commons chair rather than being asked to abstain by the whips if a motion is brought before MPs.

The decision will increase pressure on Mr Bercow as it emerged a group of Conservative MPs plan to raise the issue of his resignation repeatedly in the House of Commons until his position becomes untenable.

And how big is the campaign against Bercow?

Over 10 Conservative MPs are now committed to voting against his continued role as chair of the Commons, the Telegraph understands, while many more are considering whether to vote in his favour if a vote is called.

Wow, an insurgency of ten Tory MPs!

Bercow’s term is up soon anyway and he’s unlikely to leave early thanks to a few complainers.

Plus, he retains the support of Labour MPs and many Tory MPs.

It just goes to show how desperate some Tory MPs are to curry favour with Donald Trump

  1. Ellen Schuringa says:

    John Bercow gave the only possible answer to the question. It was the right and decent thing to do. And I am very grateful that he did. Neutrality is not the same as passivity, with which it is often confused. It would be shameful and cowardly to remain silent in the face of racist, and other in this country illegal behaviour. By Trump or anyone else, and has no place in the House of Commons.

  2. The danger of this move to oust Bercow is that the next speaker will be choosen on party lines and this position will be constantly under scrutiny for political bias. What is needed is for all the HoC party leaders to issue a statement supporting Bercow’s continued tenure and allow him to retire in due course which apparently will not be long coming.

  3. What would Trump speak about? He does not know his own countries Constitution
    He thniks the way to stop a potential terrorist entering the USA from Asia is to ban people who were born in Iraq

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