The Tory MP Sarah Wollaston criticised the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt today saying his focus on so-called health tourism was a distraction from more serious issues.

Wollaston is also the chair of the Health Select Committee in the House of Commons.

She tweeted this morning:

She added:

Once NHS gets around to charging overseas visitors (they already have powers to do this) will politicians stop blaming ‘health tourism’.

Today’s charging rhetoric a bit of a ‘dead cat’ story. Real story should be let’s get on & fund health and social care properly.

Her criticism of Hunt comes after his focus today on dealing with health-tourism.

The Department of Health will announce new rules today under which patients will be charged in advance for non-emergency treatment if they fail to provide proof of eligibility.

But amounts involved are a drop in the ocean for the NHS Budget.

Dealing with health tourism won’t solve Hunt’s crisis in the NHS because it comes from huge funding cuts

  1. Killing ppeople by neglect just means less pensions paid out. That will really help with their mountain of debt mainly caused by tax concessions for filthy rich people.

  2. Unfortunately this has traction. During a recent street stall I took part in for the Labour NHS campaign there was a lot of support for better funding for the NHS by people across the political spectrum. The complaint about foreign health tourists was mentioned a number of times. It was notable how the agenda had been set by tabloid propaganda.

    Sadly Corbyn’s absence from any media has made things worse, there’s no counter-narrative.

  3. james naughtie was right says:

    Odd that story coming out in the Sun last week, the day before the TV programme with the same case and now this from old Berkeley. Thank God for Sarah Wollaston, but isn’t it time she realised she’s in the wrong party?

    As for St Jeremy, you leave him alone, he’s building a ‘movement’.

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