A graph created by the BBC, based on figures by the independent Institute of Fiscal Studies, undermines the claims by the Tory govermnment that they are adequately funding the NHS.

It shows how health spending has sharply slowed down since the Tories and Lib Dems came into power since 2015.


And this was during a time they pushed the NHS into a massive reorganisation too.

Is it any wonder there is a crisis?

  1. Never forget the role of the self righteous Liberal Democrats. They made a decision to put Cameron into Number 10 in 2010 and then actively supported the unnecessary reorganisation of the NHS, the introduction of academy schools and cuts to benefits such as the bedroom tax. They told blatant lies about not raising university tuition fees. Together with the Conservatives they betrayed the voting public and should be equally blamed for the current state of the NHS.

  2. One day people will work out that the Conservative narrative is usually the OPPOSITE of the truth. I worked that out in 1978 at the age of 13.

  3. They dont want it so we mustnt have it although we pay for it. If any government ever told the truth about anything I still wouldnt believe them. How much of the budget for NHS has been paid to tax-avoiding companies over the Tory gov. time.
    Gold plated commodes for the wealthy and a hole in the ground for the plebs (proud to be pleb)

  4. George Philliskirk says:

    Unfortunately net public debt increased from £350 billion in 1997 to £1,050 billion by 2010. Spending money on the NHS is easy. Paying for it and getting value for money is another issue!

  5. And since 2010 what has happened to the public debt? Despite sod all money for the nhs and ALL public services and the effects of austerity on the average person?
    I think it will be no surprise to know it has increased significantly. Well done Tories!!

  6. George Philliskirk. Indeed public debt did increase by 2010, but a little thing known as the financial crisis happpened in 2008, which was not the NHS’s doing, it was the corrupt financial system which both government’s were more than happy to bail out. There is a hole in public finance, but your insinuation that inefficiency in NHS organisation is the cause is disingenuous and factually flawed. The UK health system costs less per capita than most equivalent industrialised countries in the world. We do get what we pay for, but we’re not paying for the NHS, we’re paying to prop up the banks.

  7. Vishal Jugessur says:

    What Jeremy H is doing to the NHS is nothing short of treason to this country. Mental health bed closures, little or no social funding, heartless removal of benefits not from the greedy but from the needy. How many suicides have been committed by people who could fight the system no more. If you have someone walk into A&E, with evidence of mental illness, with no roofs over their head. Your only option is to give them medication and tell them to carry living on the streets. Unspoken internal wars between different departments within mental health trusts, by professionals who are just fighting a saturated service. This is a bad time to be vulnerable in this country. We are being led by greedy, selfish, heartless and uncaring individuals. There is no point shouting at the professionals if you have rendered the system they work within completely out of sync with demand. Austerity measures have not reduced debts. Funnily enough Jeremy H seems to have done very well. Go Figure!

  8. George…our National Debt doubled under the Con/Lib government, George Osborne borrowed more than every Labour chancellor added together…if this had been a Labour administration it would have been headlined in nearly every newspaper…only the sheep believe that the Tories can manage the economy, the NHS will be extinct if we get another Tory government.

  9. We are not paying to prop up the banks: most of the “cost” was un the form of guarantees that were never called upon.
    The simple fact is that, as a country, we live way beyond our means (under governments of all political parties). Social care is desperately short of cash, as is health, education and pensions. We are running the largest deficit in our history and with an aging population this is going to get progressively worse.

  10. If you’s haven’t yet listened to Gordon Bowden on You Tube exposing where the missing taxpayers pounds go….you should it’s similar to the Panama Papers….he has 14 years of hard research and documented proof….in one interview he said the French secret services approached him for information…

  11. patrick newman says:

    We have had enough statistics and documentaries telling us what is obvious to everyone but the Martians that The NHS is in the worst crisis since 1948. Sod the few M.P.’s who disobeyed over Brexit what the Party needs to focus on is the appalling state of Tory health policy and blitz the political arena with an unrelenting campaign in and out of Parliament using both political arguments and real life examples of where hundreds of patients and their medical carers are being abused by the Tory neglect of the NHS.

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