At what point do Brexiters admit their attempts to be positive about the future sound really, really desperate?

Last week a Telegraph opinion piece claimed Brexit would be good for Britain because it would ‘cut marriage breadkdown‘.

Today in the Telegraph, its opinion columnist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reassures his readers that Brexit will be fine… if the fascist candidate becomes President of France!

If Marine Le Pen wins France’s presidential elections in May, all talk of punishing Britain for the outrage of Brexit will become irrelevant.

French diplomacy will pirouette overnight under a National Front (FN) leader. The Élysée Palace will seek an Entente Cordiale with the British, offering a bilateral alliance on new foundations.

Hold on.

Does the prospect of a certified fascist being elected not give Telegraph columnists some pause for thought?

Or should everything now be seen merely through the lens of whether it helps Brexit in the short term?

The desperation on the right shows no bounds

  1. If The eurozone could change the banking system to direct capital creation to investment in housing, local businesses and alternative energy, we would go a long way to increasing employment and stop or reduce the drain of young people from old industrial areas and rural areas. This doesn’t solve the situation of employment reducing due to competition from outside Europe or automation but it would help.
    Too much money is used to speculate in property. The ECB now buys govt, bonds to finance the national deficits. It might be better to spend direct. It would reduce deficits. It would be a Europe for the people and a better solution than the slogans of the neo-Fascists.

  2. It’ll provide some affirmation to the more hardcore Far Right, that their direction is somehow more valid and that Hating on minorities is now alright. The English needing France … who’d have thought it?

  3. Andrew Milborrow says:

    If the fascists get in everything will be ok because they’ll be our only friends? Are we sure this wasn’t a spoof?

  4. We should remember thst many of these right wing papers were keen on Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Mosley in the 1930s. Plus ca change.

  5. Rhisiart Hincks says:

    You give the impression of condoning Fascism, but that is usual for the right-wing Tory press. Abhorrent and shameless.

  6. To put it bluntly — those wanting Britain to make a clean break from the EU, as opposed to a fudged deal, should be hoping for Le Pen to win. If she gets in, then it’s goodbye EU, and Trump’s European vision will come true. If she loses, which is the more likely outcome, then the EU will remain, and a fudged Britsh exit deal, some sort of Norway-style arrangement, is more likely as the dangers of leaving the economic area and customs union become clear to all but the most bone-headed Tory MP.

  7. When did the demise of other nations become ok if it is in our short term national interest? Is this not a complete reversal of political thinking since 1945? I thought cooperation between nations actually benefitted everyone, including us. Shameful.

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