The Labour MP Gisela Stuart was branded a hypocrite last night after voting against amendments calling the Tories to commit to an extra £350m for NHS a week, despite riding on a bus saying exactly that.

Stuart, who is the MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, also voted against an amendment calling on the government to guarantee rights for EU nationals who already contribute to the UK.

Her latter vote came as a shock especially since she earlier complained that EU citizens in the UK had been “left in limbo” since the referendum.

It goes without saying that Gisela Stuart enthusiastically voted for triggering Article 50 – she was co-chair of the Vote Leave campaign.

Others also vented their anger on Twitter this morning



Gisela Stuart told the BBC after the Referendum:

Jo Coburn: Leaders of the Vote LEave campaign, yourself obviously included, have been asked to apologise for promising there would be £350m of extra money for the NHS and you’ve been asked to apologise by Labour colleagues – Ian Austin, Pat McFadden and Emma Reynolds. Will you apologise for that?

Gisela Stuart: To which I say that unless and until we leave the European Union, there is nothing of this we can do. We said that’s the money we spend on the NHS….and I said if it was my priority, I would spend it on the NHS.

But when it came to the crunch, she didn’t even vote to pledge that money to the NHS.

52 Labour MPs voted against the Article 50 bill at Third Reading, including a number of frontbenchers.

A shameless hypocrite

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