Yesterday Political Scrapbook reported on how people were playing a prank on UKIP by reserving tickets to their event in Stoke.

It was the first major event for UKIP in Stoke for the upcoming by-election.

And by most standards it was a bit of a disaster.

A screenshot Political Scrapbook took from UKIP’s live-stream of the event shows there were plenty of empty seats.

The screenshot also doesn’t show empty seats further back in the hall. You can see plenty of them on the side.

One commenter on the UKIP Facebook feed wrote:

Not much of a crowd, is that it!

Did they all come in a bus from outside the area?

The UKIP disaster came after they advertised their event online, allowing anyone to reserve the free tickets.

That offer was naturally taken up by plenty of lefties who had no intention of turning up.

UKIP shared a pic of the event from a very narrow angle. Wonder why

  1. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    According to reports, those present were practically all ‘of advanced years’. Maybe they usually use that venue for Bingo on a Monday and they thought Nuttall was the new Caller.

  2. Nicky Marshall says:

    Oh come on – this is the sort of mass rally that attended the presidential inauguration … isn’t it? Alternative Facts will doubtless soon be quoted to prove this was the best attended meeting in the campaign

  3. The photo op was deemed not as attractive as the earlier in the day al fresco omelette making by most of the press 🙂

  4. Varan Komodsky says:

    I got a friend to get me a ticket and I didn’t go (she didn’t go either). I didn’t sneak a friend in with me, although I metaphorically promised to do so.

  5. Don’t you understand that this type of student “prank ” is why so many people are turned off today’s labour party? A member for 40 years and am, for the first time, ashamed to be a member. For me politics is serious. For you its a game.

  6. Cardinal Biggles says:

    The Tragedy of those Empty Seats….

    Empty only because of the UKIP sacrifice spreading love and brotherhood at Bowling Green on that awful, terrible day. That fateful day that cost them so dear.

    RIP sweet little Kippers. May your good hearts and massive lobotomies never be forgotten.

  7. You never learn, do you? You mock and laugh and accuse kippers of being stupid. Most of them have decided already. They wouldn’t be arsed going to a rally or a meeting. And when UKIP get in, you’ll all be wailing and gnashing your teeth wondering why labour never made an impact…

  8. The people of Stoke are not stupid. They won’t vote for a vicious and incompetent person. UKIP published ridiculous photoshopped pictures yesterday in an attempt to undermine Mr Corbyn.

  9. Derek Robinson says:

    This is all bullshit. Ukrap just trying to find someone to blame for a piss poor turnout.

    It’s what they do best though, blame everyone else

  10. Speaking of underhand tricks, what about the lies of the daily express, that said a Jewish man was harassed by labour supporters outside this cosy little gathering?

  11. To the old Labour supporter who says that politics is a series business. It is, I agree. I am in my late 60s and I don’t want a return to the far right politics of the 1930s and 40s. UKIP are a nasty racist anti NHS anti working class party. So they need to be confronted and isolated and made a laughing stock

  12. Michael Footnote says:

    Of course it could be that the main reason was simply not enough wanted to go but a few people claiming a ‘ticket ruse’ gives Kippers provides a cover story.

    Whatever, left are better off not saying they did it but even better off not doing it.

    Which many believe to adequate degree they didn’t.

  13. So UKIP has a bad night at the hustings and, typically, they have to blame someone other than themselves for the big no show. Maybe, just maybe, the intelligent people of Stoke-on-Trent have realised what a bunch of porky-pies we have been getting from UKIP (and other Brexiteers).

  14. ukip are never getting in, they got one seat in the last election and it was the seat previously held by bnp. most of the country care more about the economy and diplomacy, than repeating racist rhetoric and enacting divisive laws.

  15. The funney thing is it was originaly advertised as a brexit meeting. I wonder wether it’s declaired on election expenses by ukip!

  16. We will never know if those seats would have been filled if the prank had not been played. I doubt they would but we will never know.

  17. Another meeting I’ve missed. Oh well, I’ll wait for the next one so I can miss that one too.
    No doubt it’ll be standing room only again. Oh, sorry that was another bloke in The Adelphi in Liverpool.

  18. Rumour has it that the poor attendance was expected. The spare tickets were taken up by Ukippers who could then blame the left of sabotaging the event.
    The result gaining sympathy for ukip and placing the left in a bad light.
    Interesting if true and unexpectedly clever stuff from ukippers.

  19. We should attend meetings and screw up pieces of paper to throw on stage. Not with a brick in I might add!!! Screwed up paper, harmless but a good impact. They are UKRAP and as such should be mocked at every opportunity. Its sacrilege to refer to them as a political party really !!!

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