Paul Nuttall blamed the media today for accurately reporting what was on his website – breathing new life into a controversy that has crippled his bid to be MP for Stoke.

At the UKIP Spring conference today, Nuttall apologised over the claim he had lost “close friends” in the Hillsborough disaster, but inevitably blamed the media for a “smear campaign”.

He told the audience:

I’ve had a bit of a difficult week. This is two fold. I take blame for the fact I failed to check what was put on my website in my name. That was my fault. I apologise.

But I do not apologise for what is a coordinated, cruel and almost evil smear campaign that has been directed towards me. It is based on lies by sources that have not been named. It has been a tough week for me but I will not allow them to break me and I will not allow them to break UKIP.

Did the media smear him by quoting words that appeared on his own website?

And what is more evil, that he was asked to account for claims on his website or that he tried to use a disaster for political gain?

What a pathetic snowflake

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