His website has been taken offline, he won’t speak to journalists, has stopped tweeting and now he won’t even attend hustings in Stoke.

This morning the UKIP leader was, once again, a no-show at a hustings in Stoke as the battle for the by-election (next week) heats up.




Yesterday the Mayor of Liverpool asked him to resign as the region’s MEP for making up stories about Hillsborough.

Meanwhile, his colleague in Copeland blamed the entire controversy on the media. That Trump strategy won’t work.

How long will he keep running away from embarrassing questions?

If someone finds the UKIP leader hiding somewhere, let us know

  1. Another story about UKIP? There is such thing a bad news. The more outrageous statements the Leave campaigners made during the referendum campaign the more they got reported. Farage is a master at it. He knew how to keep UKIP in the spotlight.

    Paul Nuttall is not daft. He receives the salary of an MEP plus £150,000 a year in expenses. Watch this space. Ukippers intentionally court publicity.

  2. A mate of mine was at a stag do in Amsterdam a few years ago, and clocked him coming out of a brass house
    But I’m sure he can’t still be there

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