Paul Nuttall admitted this morning he had said nothing to Arron Banks over his comment that Hillsborough stadium tragedy was being ‘milked’ by people.

The UKIP leader admitted this morning in a hustings organised by Radio 5Live that he hadn’t spoken to Banks, who is the top donor to UKIP, about the comments.

Banks wrote on Twitter he was “sick to death of hearing about” the Hillsborough disaster, and said it “could have happened anywhere, anytime” in the 1980s.

He also wrote that people were “milking a tragedy forever”.


Banks was strongly criticised for his comments, including by families of the victims.

But he remains close to UKIP and went to visit Trump along with Nigel Farage recently.

But Paul Nuttall, who claims to have been deeply affected by the tragedy, couldn’t even bring himself to personally criticise him?

He told 5Live

He’s not a member of Ukip. He has given money in the past to the party. I can’t kick him out of an organisation that he’s not a member of.

But he can pledge to stop taking any more money from him

  1. Apparently he gave police a 3 hour witness statement on Hillsborough YESTERDAY! Can’t you get done for wasting police time?
    ‘Well, officer, I’ve been meaning to come in for some time …………’

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