Nigel Farage has been reported to the police over allegations his election spending during a bid to be an MP in 2015 exceeded the limit.

In 2015, Farage ran to be the MP for South Thanet during the General Election.

The anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate allege today that:

Nigel Farage’s campaign failed to appropriately declare at least £26,302 in its electoral returns and possibly well over £35,000.

Failing to declare significant election campaign spending is against the law.

Candidates were allowed to spend just over £15,000 for what is called the ‘short’ campaign, from 9 April until polling day.

Hope Not Hate also claim:

The largest missing expenditure in the short campaign is that of staff working directly on the South Thanet campaign. According to a former paid campaign organiser, UKIP employed eight full time campaign staff in South Thanet in the weeks running up to the election. Of the eight names provided by our source three have subsequently confirmed they were indeed employed and paid, while a further four refused to comment.

If the claims are verified by the police then UKIP will have a lot to answer for.

Hope Not Hate has had run-ins with Farage before, most recently when he accused them of “pursuing violent and very undemocratic means”.

Hope Not Hate say they would sue him.

The campaign group say they have referred the matter of election spending to the police now.

UKIP are keeping mum

  1. Go get the weasel……this mendacious bastard needs pelters and leaving feeling well and truly uncomfortable and challenged at every turn. He goes on LBC and says whatever he wants……now he’s got to take his medicine.

  2. Farage is aleady being investigated for misuse of EU expenses. He has claimed over a quarter of €250,000 – just for using a barn in his own garden as an office!

    Farage’s divisive rhetoric has divided the UK, with what people now realize was nothing less than neo-fascist propaganda. He (correctly) claims ‘Brexit’ is his ‘achievement’. This has already cost Britain 600 billion in Bank of England reserve funds – employed solely to prop-up the collapsing pound – a currency which has still devalued to today’s level of only €1.15 – a 25% reduction in just 7 months.

    Farage’s anti-EU campaign was never about getting sovereignty or border control back. It was solely devised by him as a cause through which he could earn himself a fortune, which he has indeed already made, as evidenced by his 4 Million pound apartment and his well-kown lavish Brussels lifestyle.

    Now this election funds scandal !!! Farage is a most suspicious character.


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